Zebra vs Horse (Difference Between Zebra and Horse)

zebra vs horse vs donkey

Before comparing zebras Vs horse vs donkey we will first compare the habitat, behaviour and various features of all the three animals. 

What Does a Zebra Look Like?

Zebras are hoofed animals that are native to Africa. Zebra are very closely related to horses and donkeys; they are in the same genus. The most prominent features of zebras are the bold patterns on their coats. 

Zebras are generally thought to have white coats with black or brown stripes because the stripes end at their bellies and the inner side of the white legs. However, they have black skin under their white coats. 

What Does a Horse Look Like?

Horses are mammals with hooves. They have a long tail, short hair, muscular torsos, long thick neck and elongated heads. The first horse originated in North America and then spread to Asia and Europe. 

Horses are considered to be the oldest of the creatures, and history shows that they evolved 45 -55 million years ago. They are domesticated by human beings and used to carry the load and human beings from one place to another.

They are adapted to run by nature since their evolution and hence they are swift and quick and can easily escape from the predators. They respond very quickly. A unique thing about them is that they can sleep in both standing and lying positions.

Zebra Stripes (Zebra Stripes Pattern):

Each species of zebra has a different stripes pattern. The Grevy’s zebra has skinny stripes. The mountain zebra has vertical stripes on its neck and horizontal stripes on its haunches. Some sub-species of plain zebras have brownish shadow stripes between the black stripes.

When zebras stand together, it is hard for predators to guess how many zebras are in the group. The stripes may also make the zebra appear unattractive to smaller predators. Each zebra stripes are unique.

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Zebra vs Horse size:

The most massive zebra is the Grevy’s zebra, it weighs between 770 to 990 pounds and is around 5 feet tall from shoulder to the hoof. Their thick bodies make them look like mules with stripes. Mountain zebras are from 3.8 to 4.9 feet tall at the shoulder and weigh 529 to 820 pounds. Plains zebras are 3.6 to 4.8 feet at the shoulder and weigh up to 770 pounds. 

Horses can be as big as 69 inches from hoof to shoulder and can weigh as much as 2,200 pounds. There are more than 400 different types of horses. The smallest breed of horses can be as small as 30 inches from hoof to shoulder and can weigh only 120 pounds. 

Difference Between a Horse and a Zebra:

Horse Habitat:

Horses can be found in almost every county in the world and every continent except Antarctica. According to some research, the first horse originated in North America and then spread to Asia and Europe. It is also believed that horses were first domesticated in Asia from 3000 to 4000 B.C. 

Zebra Habitat:

Though zebras all live in Africa, each species of zebra has its home area. Plains zebras live in the grasslands and woodlands of eastern and southern Africa. The Grevy’s zebra inherits in the arid grasslands of Ethiopia and northern Kenya. The mountain zebra can be seen in South Africa, Namibia, and Angola. 

Horse Behavior:

Horses are social animals; they live in groups known as herds. In the wild, horses live in a pack that consists of 3 to 20 animals and led by a mature male, known as Stallion. The remaining herd is made up of females and their young ones. 

Zebra Behavior:

Plain and mountain zebras live in family groups led by Stallion (a mature male), with several mares and offspring. Grevy’s zebras do not have packs. Instead, stallions establish territories and mare cross into them to breed and give birth. 

Food Habits of Horse:

Horses are herbivorous and only feeds on vegetation. Typically, horses eat grass, but domesticated horses are often fed on bran, rolled oats, barley, and hay. Domesticated horses are also fed with blocks of salt and mineral blocks to lick. It is considered to supplement the nutrition that the horses get from their food. 

Zebra Food Habits:

Zebras also eat mostly grass and travel up to 1,800 miles in search of food. Some of the zebras also eat leaves and twigs. Zebras have several ways to communicate with one another. 

Horse Reproduction:

Horses have live offspring births after around 11 months of the incubation period. Some people mistakenly call baby horses ponies, but they are called foals. Ponies are adult horses that measure shorter than 56 inches. The foal can stand soon after its birth and becomes mature at 3 to 5 years of age. 

Zebra Reproduction:

Female zebras gave birth to their young litter after a gestation period of 12 to 14 months. Baby zebras are called foals. When they are born, they weigh around 55 to 88 pounds. Soon after their birth, they can stand and walk. Zebras become fully mature between 3 to 6 years old. 

Zebra vs Horse Race:

A horse is faster than a zebra. It can achieve a speed of 54.7 miles per hour, while the maximum speed of a zebra is 40 miles per hour. Even though being slower, a zebra can escape from its predators by running in a zigzag manner. 

Facts About Donkey:

  • Donkeys, also known as burros and asses, can be found throughout the world. 
  • They belong to the same family of Equidae, which also includes zebras and horses. 
  • They look similar to the other two members but have long, floppy ears and tend to stockier than horses and zebras. 
  • There are mainly three types of donkeys-wild, feral and domesticated. 
  • Wild donkeys usually measure around 49 inches from hoof to shoulder and weigh around 551 pounds. 
  • Wild donkeys can be found in deserts and savannahs in northern Africa, in the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East. 
  • On the other hand, domesticated donkeys are found all over the world but prefer dry, warm areas.

Zebra vs Horse vs Donkey: Who Would Win?

However, there are many similarities between these three animals. However, if a fight ever happened between zebra, horse, and donkey, horse and zebra certainly have more chances of winning as compared to a donkey. The zebra and horse have more or less the same abilities. 

Both of them have good vision and a sharp mind, and also both are quick in response and can escape from predators. However, horses are quite superior in terms of physical features and can have more chances of winning over zebra. 

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