About Angler Fish:

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The angry-looking angler fish is possibly an unattractive creature on the planet that lives at the bottom of the sea.

Fish With Lure On Head:

The feature of carrying a lure is worn only by female Angler fish. It is named for its distinctive dorsal fin spine, which they use to attract their prey. The bait is filled with bacteria that produce their light. The males do not have such a lure, so they are dependent on the females for their food.

Angler Fish Scientific Name:

Lophiiformes is the scientific name of angler fish.

Angler Fish Length:

Most of the anglerfishes are less than a foot long, while some can be up to 3.3 feet in length. Generally, male angler fish is small in range as compared to a female angler fish.

Where do Angler Fish Live?

Angler fishes can be found in the dark and depth of the Atlantic and Antarctic oceans. These species live in the deep sea that can be 1000 to 3000 meters. There is no sunlight available at such a depth. 

What do Angler Fish Eat?

Angler fishes are carnivorous; they eat shrimps, snails, other fishes, crustaceans. A female angler can swallow their prey up to twice their size. The victim of a female angler cannot escape from their mouth as they have healthy teeth. When the male angler reaches adulthood, their digestive system becomes weak, so they fuse with the female angler by connecting the skin, bloodstream, and organs. The nutrients available in a male anglerfish comes from the female angler fish.

Angler Fish Life Cycle:

The female angler lay eggs on the sheet of viscous material that floats on the surface of the water. The egg will hatch to larvae and feed on small planktons until they are altogether grown up. When the baby angler became mature, they will go to the deep dark sea. The death of an angler fish occurs due to age or predators; usually, angler fish have a life span of 10-15 years.

Angler Fish Facts:

  • There are 200 different species of angler fish; each species is slightly different in shape.
  • The body of an angler fish is composed of soft bones and flesh. These species are dark in color carrying the shades of brown, grayish black.
  • Angler fish have a massive head with a large mouth and teeth. Both the jaws on the teeth have sharp, translucent lines.
  • The lure present to attract the prey is called ‘esca,’ which consists of a tall spine with a fleshy nob at the end. 
  • Different species of anglerfishes have diverse habitats. Some species can be found in the oceans below 3000 feet, and some inherit only in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The reproduction process is different in each species; some lay the number of eggs, and some may lay eggs in one large group.
  • The predators of anglerfishes are sharks, dragonfish, and other angler fish.
  • Angler fishes are threatened by pollution, oil spills, and predators.
  • Sea devil is the other name of Angler Fish.

Are Anglerfish Endangered

People might wonder, is the angler fish endangered? It is said that the angler fish isn’t endangered, even though they can get extinct on the off chance that we aren’t cautious with our waste. The angler fish lives up to 1200 – 3600 ft, near the ocean bottom.