What Is A Pangolin? (Scaly Anteaters)

Pangolins | The scaled mammals

The pangolin is the only mammal that is fully covered with scales, which they use to protect themselves from the hunter. The Scales of a Pangolin are usually made of keratin (the same which can be found in human hair and nails), which holds about 20% of its total weight. The pangolins can curl in a tight ball if he finds himself in any hazard. These are the only mammal with scales with a long nose and tongue, rounded back, and a long tail.

Pangolin scientific name:

Pholidota is the scientific name of a Pangolin.

What does Pangolins Eat?

Pangolins tend to eat ants, termites, and larvae of small insects. Pangolins do not have teeth, so they use their 16-inch long sticky tongue to swallow their food. They can eat around 20,000 ants in a single night. Pangolins are also known as ‘scaly anteater,’ and to grind their food, pangolins consume small stones and sands.

Pangolin (Mammal With Scales):

Pangolins prefer to live in a variety of habitats, and within reach of the water. Pangolins slept during the day time in their burrow and went out to hunt at night. All the pangolins belong to the existing Manidae family. Pangolin can weigh maximum up to 40 pounds, they also vary in color from yellowish to brownish.

Are Pangolins Related to Armadillos?

The structure of pangolins and Armadillos is similar, but both belong to different species, Armadillos came from Cingulate order, and pangolins came from Pholidota order. Armadillos are generally more giant than pangolins. Armadillos have a rigid shell on the shoulder and several bands on the back and flanks. Armadillos live on the solid surface while pangolins live in a burrow.

Most Trafficked Mammal:

Pangolins are trafficked on a large scale in Asia and Africa, for their meat and scales. The meat of pangolin is highly demanded in the countries of China and Vietnam; pangolins meat is considered gourmet food. Though different species of pangolins are shielded under the national and international law, there is an increase in the illegal trade of pangolins.

What Are Pangolins Scales Used For?

The scales of pangolin carry keratin, the substance which can be found in human hair and nails, which have healing and excellent property. It is believed that if the scales of the pangolins are buried, the smoke will improve cattle health, keep lions away, and will heal the snout-bleeding. In Asian countries, the Scales are used to make medicines to treat cancer and asthma. In the year 2016, an alliance of 180 governments makes a proclamation to put an end to the illegal traffic of the pangolins. The female pangolins are 10-50 percent heavier than male pangolins. When young pangolins are born, they are about six inches long and weighs 0.75 pounds. On the first day, their scales are soft and pale and begin to harden on the second day. Mother pangolin will carry the infant pangolin on her tail.

African Pangolins:

There are eight different species of pangolins, in which four are Asian, and another four are African.

Pangolins That Inhabits In Africa Are:

  • White-bellied pangolins
  • Black-bellied pangolins
  • Giant pangolins
  • Ground pangolins

Pangolins That Inhabits In Asia Are:

  • Indian pangolins
  • Chinese pangolins
  • Sunda pangolins
  • Palawan pangolins

Pangolin Endangered:

A survey disclosed that millions pangolins are killed every year, and 300 are smuggled of their meat and scales.

How Many Pangolins Are Left In The World:

A survey of 2018 shows that an estimated 50,000 pangolins are left in the world.