Turkey vs chicken (Is Turkey Healthier Than Chicken?)

turkey vs chicken

Chicken and turkey, both the animals look similar in appearance. But people are often not able to distinguish between turkey vs. chicken. Let us understand the difference between both the animals and compare their health benefits.

What is a Turkey?

Turkey, as a species, is said to be about 450 million years old. Turkeys can be found in countries like Mexico, Alberta, and Canada. Male turkeys are called gobblers, and females are known as hens. 

What is a Chicken?

Chickens are domestic birds; the male or rooster is very different peeking and has various features than hens or the females. The rooster is enormous and has extra vibrant feathers. Like turkeys, chickens cannot fly. 

How Fast Can a Turkey Run?

Turkeys are quick runners. They can run as fast as 55 miles per hour. Turkeys are also known for their strong legs. They can fly but not very high or fast; they cannot operate on altitudes. Turkeys see very well and hear well too. 

How Fast Can a Chicken Run?

Chickens can run at an average speed of 9 miles per hour.

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Difference Between Turkey and Chicken:

Turkey Size:

A fully grown turkey can be about 4 feet in length and weigh 30 pounds or more. 

Chicken Size:

Chickens can stand around 27.6 inches and can weigh around 5.7 pounds.

Turkey Diet:

Turkeys eat different sorts of seeds, nuts, some fruit, ground beetles, insects, and small lizards. They also eat berries, acorns, snails, and small reptiles.

What Do Chicken eat?

Chickens eat seeds, herbs, creepy-crawly insects, and even mice. This makes them omnivores. Domestic chickens have a special diet that’s full of protein.

Facts About Turkey:

  • Turkeys have beautiful feathers in shades of red, bronze, gold, and green. 
  • These are quite a shocker, but turkeys sleep on barriers to keep themselves from hunters and predators. 
  • Turkeys are mainly associated with the American holiday, Thanksgiving. 
  • A fun fact about both male and female turkeys is that when they feel threatened, the male will ride, but the female will fly. 
  • The length of a fully grown turkey’s wings can stretch up to 6 feet. 
  • Turkeys are loud birds and have excellent eyesight throughout the day, but not that much at night.  
  • During the mating season, the male turkey performs a courtship dance to attract the female.
  •  Gobblers fan out their details like peacocks to show off their bright, beautiful feathers to enchant the female. 
  • The gobbler then mates with the hen, the hen then looks for a cozy nesting spot. 
  • The female lays eggs for 11 days, and the eggs hatch in about less than a month. 

Facts About Chicken:

  • They are beneficial birds as they serve as food, usefully for breeding, and laying eggs. 
  • They’re great for people in the poultry industry. Just like the turkeys, the rooster is extremely loud. 
  • When chicken feels threatened, they will try to fly but can’t stay in the air for long.
  •  Hens are one of the most persevering and strong-headed. 
  • When hens lay eggs, it is said that sometimes they refuse to move and incubate the eggs without eating or moving through.

What Breed of Chickens are Used For Fighting?

There are different breeds of chickens, such as New Hampshire, Rhode Island Red, Orpington, Asil, and many more. Asil is a special breed of chicken that is used for cockfights.  America has supplied a large number of foul for the cock-fighting trade. The cock-fighting is a prize bird that can sell for as much as five thousand dollars. Other than Asil, the usually selected from the Miner Blues, Hatch, Claret, round head, or white hackle breed. 

Is Turkey Healthier Than Chicken?

Both chicken and turkey provide high-quality protein and can be a strong component of a balanced diet. But keep in mind that too much of any single food, meat included, could have a negative impact on your health. 

Including moderate amounts of chicken or turkey into your diet can be a healthy way to meet your protein requirements, although protein isn’t the only nutrient turkey and chicken provide. When deciding which option may best reach your personal nutrition needs and health goals, the total nutrition content, including calories, fat, vitamins, and minerals, should be considered alongside protein.

These birds have very similar nutrient profiles, both being considered white meat and of the same general family of food—however, some minor differences build-up to a distinction between the two. 

Both of these meats contain relatively few calories, making them appealing to those trying to maintain a healthy weight. There’s a slight difference between the caloric values of turkey and chicken, but the difference is negligible. 

Turkey vs Chicken protein:

As myoglobin assists in the transportation and storage of oxygen in the muscle cells, dark meat is usually found in more active muscle groups, such as the legs and thighs of chicken and turkey. 

The leg meat of both chicken and turkey provides an equal amount of protein per ounce about 8 grams. The thigh meat of both chicken and turkey can be found just above the leg. Sometimes it’s still attached to the leg as one cut. Per ounce of beef, turkey provides one additional gram of protein compared to chicken. 

Turkey Breast vs Chicken breast:

Breast meat is one of the most popular poultry cuts, especially among fitness enthusiasts and dieters due to the high protein and low-calorie content. Chicken breast contains 9 grams of meat, whereas turkey breast contains 8 grams of beef. Chicken breast provides one gram of protein more than turkey breast. 

Turkey vs Chicken Taste:

Turkey tastes different than chicken. There cannot be any comparison in taste between both as it is a matter of personal taste. However, if you dislike chicken, then you are not likely to enjoy turkey as well, but if you like chicken, then turkey is worth it for you to try. Turkey has a more abundant, darker taste than chicken, which makes even more wonderful stock and broth.

Turkey vs Chicken: Fight Comparison

It would be unfair to imagine a fight between a turkey and chicken because they differ in size. Although they both can fight. Chickens are known to bully animals. Also, they are faster and more agile than commercial turkeys. But if we talk about mature turkeys, they can beat chickens and even kill them. 

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