Parrot vs Macaw vs Parakeet (Difference Between Parrot and Macaw)

Parrot vs Macaw vs Parakeet

Parrot, Parakeet and Macaw all are beautiful and colorful birds. That is why people prefer to keep them as a pet. All these birds belong to the same family and are considered close relatives. Despite belonging to the same family, they distinguish in certain terms. Today, we will compare all these birds and see what would happen if these birds fight with each other.

What are Parrots?

Parrots belong to the Psittaciformes order, which includes more than 350 bird species. Parakeets, macaw, cockatiels, and cockatoos are known as their close relatives. However, there are different species of parrots, but they all have some features in common, such as all birds have a curved beak, and they have four toes on each foot with two toes that point forward and the other two pointing backwards. 

What are Parakeets?

Parakeets, also known as budgerigar or budge, is any one of many small to medium-sized species of parrot. They usually have long tail feathers and belongs to the family of true parrots. There are around 115 species of parakeets that can be found throughout the world in the areas with warm temperature. The name parakeet is derived from the French word Perroquet. The Australian budgerigar is the most common type of parakeet.

What are Macaws? 

Macaws are the most recognizable bird in the parrot family. These birds have been kept as pets for hundreds of years because they are attractive and have a colorful appearance. In around 370 different species of parrots, macaws are the largest species. Being the largest species of parrots, they came in different sizes and shapes. 

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Difference Between Parrot and Parakeet:

Where do Parrots Live?

Wild parrot’s habitat in the warm areas of the southern hemisphere, however, they can also be found in many regions of the world such as northern Mexico, Australia, South America and Central America. Not all parrots need to live in warm weathers some of the parrot species like to habitat in snowy climates. Some of the cold-weather parrots are maroon-fronted parrots, thick-billed parrots and Keas. 

Where does Parakeet Live?

Parakeets inhabit in the wild of Australia in a vast area of desert, woodlands, grasslands, and open scrub lands. Unlike most birds, parakeets do not make nests; instead, they prefer to nest in hollow cavities of trees like the eucalyptus tree. 

Parrot Size:

The average size of a parrot is between 3.5 to 40 inches and can weigh around 2.25 to 56 ounces. However, the world’s biggest parrot is the Kakapo that weighs approximately 9 pounds. On the other hand, the smallest parrot is the buff-faced parrot that reaches only about 3 inches and weighs just 0.4 ounces. 

Parakeet Size:

Parakeet can reach about 7 inches in length and weighs around 0.9 to 1.4 ounces of weight. 

What do Parrots Eat?

Parrots are omnivorous, and they feed on both meat and vegetation. Most of the parrot’s diet includes nuts, flowers, fruit, buds, seeds and insects. Because of their strong jaws which allow them to break open nutshells to get to the seed that is inside, the seed becomes their favorite food.

What Does Parakeet Eat? 

As parakeet belongs to the same family of the parrots, their diet is also similar to them. Parakeet is also omnivorous, and their food is based on seeds, fruits, eucalyptus leaves and various types of insects and ferns. 

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Difference Between a Parrot and Macaw:

Facts About Macaw:

  • Macaws are beautiful colored tropical parrots that are native to Central and Southern American rain forests. 
  • There are around 17 species of macaws.
  • The largest species is the Hyacinth macaw that reaches to 39.4 inches tall and weighs between 3 to 3.7 pounds. 
  • On the other hand, the smallest and lightest is red-shouldered macaw that reaches to 11.8 inches tall and weighs around 4.5 to 5.9 ounces. 
  • Like parrots and parakeets, macaws are omnivorous animals and eat a variety of ripe and unripe fruits, nuts and seeds, flowers, leaves, stems of plants, insects, and snails. 
  • Macaws are intelligent and solitary birds that live in groups of 10 to 30 individuals. 
  • They vocalize to communicate within the flocks, mark their territory, and recognize one another.
  • The congregation sleeps during the night and flies again in the morning in search of food. 
  • Macaws mate for life. They breed, share food, and groom each other. 
  • During the breeding season, the female macaw incubates the eggs while the males hunt and bring food to the nest.

Macaw vs Parrot:

  • Parrot head is covered with feathers, and they have cere covering around their nostrils. On the other hand, macaw has bare skin on the face that reaches down to the base of the beak.
  • The tail of a parrot is equitable to its body length while macaw has longer tails.
  • Many wild populations of parrots are declined, and most of the wild macaws are endangered.
  • Parrots ranges in size from Pygmy parrots to large macaws. Whereas macaws are comparatively larger. 
  • The color of parrots spread from dull to bright colors. Macaw species usually have bright colors. 
  • Parrot build their nest in burrows and cavities while macaw develops their nest in tree hollows or sometimes in riverbank hollows.

Parrot vs Parakeet:

The difference between parrot and parakeet is very limited because the parrot is a broad term for a class of colorful birds. In contrast, parakeets refer to a small member of the parrot family. The body size is one of the major differences, as parrots being much larger to the parakeets. Both parrots and parakeets have been a part of human culture from ancient times. Buddhist and Persian cultures reveal that they have been the closest companion of people.

Parrotlets vs Parakeets:

The major difference between parrotlet and parakeet is their origin. Both the species habitat in different areas, parrotlet originate from South America while parakeets or Budgerigars originate from Australia. Along with their roots, their voices are quite different; budgies can talk they have clear little voice while parrotlet has a more strong squeak. Both the bird species live in flocks and complex social structure. However, both birds are highly emotional and intelligent. They both are kept as pets by humans; they need a large cage, a good diet, and human interaction. Parrotlets are quite expensive as compared to parakeets. 

Parrot vs Macaw vs Parakeet: Fight Comparison

In any fight comparison between animals, we consider their size as a major factor. The same happens in the case of birds; here, the parrot has a disadvantage regarding its size as macaw is much larger and stronger than a parrot. The macaw has a longer beak that provides him with more chances of attacking a parrot. It is also usually more active than a parrot and proves to be energetic. 

However, if we compare parakeet and parrot, the parakeet has fewer chances of winning because the parrot is too larger and bigger as compared to a parakeet. A parrot can easily injure a parakeet and will win against him. 

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