Nile Crocodile vs American Crocodile (American Crocodile Facts)

nile crocodile vs american crocodile

Nile crocodile vs. American crocodile both belong to the Crocodilia order. However, both habitats in different locations. The Nile and American crocodiles may look similar, but both can be distinguished by closely observing their physical differences. Today, we will discuss the difference between Nile crocodile and American crocodile and compare them in a fight. 

What does a Nile Crocodile Look Like?

The Nile crocodile is a massive crocodile who has a highly adapted aquatic predator. The females of these species are quite smaller than the males. Their body is streamlined, they have a long and sturdy tail, and their hind feet are webbed. These reptiles have a powerful jaw, which helps them to catch and hold the prey. They have a special valve present at the back of their throat, which enables them to move underwater with open mouth, grab and hold the victim without ingesting the water. These animals have a gray-olive body and yellow belly. However, the young have identified by greenish or dark olive-brown coloration and black cross-banding all over the body and tail. 

Where Does Nile Crocodile Live?

These species have widely distributed across Sub-Saharan Africa. They occur most frequently in the central, eastern, and southern regions of Africa and Western Madagascar. Being an aquatic animal, these crocodiles prefer to live in freshwater lakes, swamps, and mangrove swamps.

How Big is a Nile Crocodile?

The Nile crocodile length grows from 11 to 19 feet in length and weighs between 496 to 1100 pounds. 

What Does a Nile Crocodile Eat?

Nile crocodiles are carnivorous and feed on a variety of animals such as insects, amphibians, fish, and land mammals, including giraffe and Cape buffalo. 

How Fast is a Nile Crocodile?

The top speed of these species is 22 miles per hour.

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Nile Crocodile’s Reproduction:

The male Nile crocodile can mate with several females. The males usually attract females by making a wide variety of noises through bellowing, slapping their snouts, or blowing water out of their noses. The nesting season in these species happens from November to December. During this period, the female crocodile digs a nest, a big hole in a riverbank. The females lay 25 to 80 eggs, which incubated for 80 to 90 days. When the hatching time comes, the female opens the nest carrying her offspring to the water. After a while, the young join a clutch of juveniles, which have looked after by females. 

Nile Crocodile Facts:

  • The gender of the offspring depends on the temperature of the incubation. When the temperature is less than 30 degrees C, the hatchlings are likely to be females. At the same time, the temperature above 34 degrees C produces males. 
  • Nile crocodiles with their eggs have found in the Egyptian tombs. 
  • When the hatchlings have threatened, the mother grabs them in her throat pouch to protect them.
  • Both the parents help the hatchling come out of the egg; they roll the egg between their tongues, cracking the eggshell to make the escape easier. 

How Long Do Nile Crocodiles Live?

The average lifespan of these species is between 50 to 80 years.

Are Nile Crocodile Endangered?

Under the IUCN, the Nile crocodile has classified as least concerned these reptiles are not presently endangered. The overall estimated population of these crocodiles varies from 250,000 to 500,000 individuals. The primary threat to these species are humans who hunt these reptiles for their skin to make leather products.

What Does an American Crocodile Look Like?

The American crocodile is one of the largest crocodile species. The Irises of their eyes are silvery while the pupils have a vertical slit, which helps the animals to see in low lighting conditions. The body of these crocodiles is either tan, gray, or olive-gray covered with dark patches. Their belly is white or yellow, and their back is covered with plates. 

Where Does the American Crocodile Live?

The American crocodiles have found on Cap Sable and long Lake Worth and the southeastern coast of Florida. They distributed in both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of southern Mexico. The American crocodile habitat in freshwater environments such as rivers, reservoirs, lakes, and swamps. 

What is the Size of the American Crocodile?

The length of these crocodiles measures 12.46 to 13.12 feet and weighs between 150 to 450 pounds.

What does American Crocodile Eat?

As these reptiles are carnivorous, they primarily feed on small mammals, fish, frogs, birds, and turtles. The Hatchlings mainly feed on insects while the young crocodile eats aquatic invertebrates and different species of fish.

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How Fast is an American Crocodile?  

The top speed of these reptiles is 20 miles per hour.

American Crocodile Reproduction:

Like Nile crocodiles, the males of these species can mate with several females. The males fight with each other to get the mating rights. The breeding season occurs from April to May, where the females lay around 30 to 60 eggs. Eggs laid in a hole to avoid potential predators. When it is time for hatchlings, the mother will visit the hole frequently. The mother helps the offspring to hatch and later accompany them into the water. As the progeny grows, they disappear and live independently.

American Crocodile Facts:

  • These animals are known to swallow stones, which helps them to digest food.
  • The adult has special glands present in their tongue that allow them to filter the salt and drink ocean water.
  • The juveniles are not able to digest that salt, so they have to drink freshwater only.
  • The males of these species known to use various vocalizations and body movements to communicate. 
  • The enormous American crocodile has found in the Costa Rica River, which was around 18 feet.
  • These reptiles allow fish to clean their bodies.
  • Like birds, American crocodiles have a heart with four chambers.

How Long Does the American Crocodile Live?

The average lifespan of these species is between 50 to 70 years.

Why is the American Crocodile Endangered?

Under the IUCN, American crocodiles are classified as vulnerable species. However, the primary threat to these species is humans who are illegally hunting these crocodiles.

Nile Crocodile vs American Crocodile: Fight Comparison

In a fight between the Nile and American crocodiles, it might be possible that the Nile crocodile may win as it is considered as much more aggressive than the American crocodiles. 

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