Mink vs Weasel (What Do Mink Eat)

mink vs weasel

Mink and weasel are small mammals that belong to the same weasel family. The similarity between these two mammals is that they both use anal glands to mark their territory. They both also share some similar things, but can differ in some areas. Today, we will compare both the animals and observe the difference between mink and weasel

What Does a Mink Look Like?

The word mink is used to describe two sole species-the, the American and the European mink; they both look similar animals. The glossy mink coat is brown and looks silky, but farm-bred mink can vary from white to black. The fur is deep, rich brown with or without white spots on the underparts and consists of a slick, dense underfur with dark glossy, stiff guard hairs. Their body is long and slim with short legs and a flat pointed face. Their toes are partially webbed resembling mink’s semi-aquatic nature.

Where Do Mink Live?

The American mink roams all over Canada and the United States, while the European mink lives across the pond in nations like Spain, France, and Russia. 

How Many Species of Mink are There?

There are two types of mink, the American and the European mink. Although both types of mink are undoubtedly similar and also share their individual qualities. The American mink is largest and more adaptable than the European mink. Due to variations in size, a single mink cannot be determined as European or American, similar to looking at the skeleton.

What is the Size of the Mink? 

The male mink weighs around 2.2 pounds and is about 24 inches in length. The females weigh approximately 1.32 pounds and reach a height of 20 inches. However, these sizes do not include the tail, which can be from 5 inches and 9 inches. 

What do Mink Eat?

Minks are carnivorous, and their diet varies according to the season. During summers, the feed on small frogs, crayfish, shrews, rabbits, mice, fish, ducks, and muskrats. While in winters, they feed on mammals. 

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How Fast can a Mink Run?

A mink can run at a speed of 8 miles per hour.

Mink Reproduction:

The breeding season in minks lasts between April to May. However, the gestation is for 39 days. As long as 76 days may go by before the litter arrives. There is only one offspring per year. They can have between six and ten cubs or kittens per litter. 

Mink Facts:

  • Minks have an excellent sense of smell, vision, and hearing.
  • They communicate using a variety of cues, including chemical, visual, and auditory signals. 
  • The predators of minks include coyotes, bobcats, and other predatory animals. 
  • Mink pelts had considered one of the most luxurious furs in the trade market.
  • In the mid of 1900, mink ranches had established to help bring more pelt to supply in the market.
  • These have kept in captivity primarily for their coats.

Mink Behavior:

Minks are typically territorial animals, and males will not tolerate another male within their territory, but tend to be less aggressive towards females. Usually, the boundaries of both male and female animals are separate, but the area of females may overlap with males. 

How Long do Minks Live?

The average lifespan of minks in the wild is three years, while in captivity they can survive for up to 10 years.

Are Minks Endangered?

Under the IUCN, the American minks had classified as the least concerned while the European minks had described as critically endangered. The primary threat to these species is the existence of the fur market.

What Does a Weasel Look Like?

Weasels are small and agile mammals of the Mustelidae family. These mammals have a long and slim body. 

Their short legs have five small-clawed toes. 

They have long necks, small heads with triangular eyes. Weasels have brown to yellow-brown coat with pale fur on their belly. However, many weasels grow white hair in the winter, but the tip of the tail remains black. 

Where Does Weasel Live?

Weasels had found all across the world except for Antarctica and Australia and neighboring islands. The weasel habitat includes woodlands, grasslands, dunes, mountains, urban areas, marshes, and moors. 

How Many Species of Weasels are There?

There are around ten weasel species of weasel.

What is the Size of the Weasel?

Weasel length varies widely from 6.8 to 8.5 inches, while females are smaller than males—the tail of weasels maybe 1.3 to 2 inches long. The average weight of these mammals is about 7 ounces. 

What Does Weasel Eat?

Weasels are carnivorous who eat over 40 percent of their body weight each day. They eat small mammals, including mice, squirrels, lemming, rabbits, and hares, birds, frogs, lizards, insects, and carrion.

Weasel Reproduction:

Males will mate with multiple females and do not provide parental care. Most of the species have a single infant per year. The size vary from 3 to 8 kittens. The offspring are born after a gestation period of 35 days to more than ten months. The family develop quickly and had weaned until they got two months old. 

Weasel Information: (Facts About Weasels)

  • Weasels are in action in both winter and summer seasons, and they do not hibernate.
  • They can display both nocturnal and diurnal behavior depending on the species.
  • Other than mating seasons, these mammals are usually solitary.
  • Weasel has known to be territorial and defends its home ranges.
  • These animals had skilled climbers, swimmers, and runners.
  • Weasels are ferocious predators, their sense of sight, smell and hearing are keen.
  • The predators of weasels include owls, hawks, eagles, fox, and snake. 
  • A group of weasels called a pack.
  • The least weasel is the world’s smallest mammal.
  • Weasels had selected for a variety of cultural meanings.

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How Long do Weasels Live?

Weasels have an average lifespan of up to 2 to 3 years in the wild while survive for ten years in captivity.

Are Weasels Endangered?

Weasels are classified as endangered species. 

Mink vs Weasel: Fight Comparison

A fight comparison between mink and weasel is quite challenging to imagine as both habitats in different areas, so it can be difficult for both will come together for a fight. However, if they fight with each other, the one who is more prominent and is more power tends to win. 

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