How to Stop Puppy Biting (Puppy Biting)

how to make a puppy stop biting | puppy biting

Biting is the natural behavior among puppies; they spend considerable time chewing, playing, and explore new objects. When puppies play with people, they often bite, eat, and lick on their hands, limbs, and clothing. This kind of cuddly behavior of a puppy seems very cute but can be dangerous sometimes. At the age of 3 weeks, a puppy begins teething; all the baby teeth appear when they are six weeks old. At 12 weeks, their baby teeth fall off, and permanent teeth start to develop; by 6 months, all the permanent teeth will have erupted.

Puppy Mouthing:

Mouthing is a natural and typical behavior among puppies to explore the world. Mouthing cannot be an aggressive nature but could sometimes be frustrating. Puppy mouthing is a process in which the puppy puts his teeth and mouth over a person’s skin. It is essential to teach the puppy to hamper his mouthy behavior. Before training the puppy to stop mouthing people, it is necessary to inform him that people have sensitive skin, so he has to be gentle with them. The best approach is to prepare them with the ‘bite inhabitation.’

Puppy Biting:

Bite inhabitation is the ability of a dog to control its force of mouthing and nipping. Puppies and young dogs learn bite inhabitation while playing with other dogs. Usually, when dogs play with each other, they frequently use their mouth, and if one dog bites too hard, the other will hoot and stop playing; this enables the dogs to eat a pause, and this how they learn to control their force of mouthing. A puppy who has not learned about bite inhabitation will not realize the sensitivity of the skin and will nips and mouths hard while playing.

Puppy Mouthing:

To teach and train puppy about the bite inhabitation the owner can use the following strategies-

  • Allow the puppy to mouth while playing.
  • Continue playing till he bites hard.
  • When the puppy bites hard, start yelping and stop playing.
  • It would help if you made your puppy pause. Once the puppy stops mouthing praise him and resumes playing.
  • Repeat this several times until he gets trained.
  • If the puppy ignores and continues to bite, then stop interacting and walk away till he gets the message that gentle play will give him more time to play, and the hard game will end.
  • After continuing this process, the owner will notice that the mouthing is getting gentler.

How to Stop Puppy Biting (How to Make a Puppy Stop Biting):

Teaching puppy not to bite anyone could take time, puppies cannot learn this in one day. Continue training will help to teach them to stop eating. The owner should make sure that all the family members are on board with the training process. These are some of the best ways to work on how to make a puppy stop biting:

  • Redirecting- Redirection or distraction can help the owner to stop puppy biting. Whenever a puppy goes to the mouth or bites your hand, the owner should distract them from other objects. When a puppy bites give them another toy instead, the owner should make the toy attracted to the puppy by making different sounds from the toy which make the toy more exciting to the puppy rather than biting. If the puppy ignores the toy, the owner should move away from the dog along with the toy. This will make the puppy chase you as they like to track moving objects. The puppies find any moving objects more exciting than the objects which are still. The redirecting process will take some time. The owner should try to get attracting and moving toys so that the puppies get distracted.
  • Socialization- As dogs are social animals, they need to socialize with other dogs. Enrolling the dog in a puppy kindergarten will help them to get social with other dogs and learn good dog manners. Playing with other dogs will help your puppy to seek a lot of dogie behavior. Even studies have indicated that the puppy who receives a kindergarten training are less likely to have behavioral problems. Although socialization has been overlooked when it comes to kindergarten training, it is the most important thing an owner should do. Practice will let the puppy not only to behave correctly with other dogs but also with humans. If a person is not able to sign up his or her puppy in a training class, then they should try to teach their puppies by socializing them with their well-behaved neighborhood dogs.
  • Deterrence- Certain products are designed to make the dogs stop biting. Bitter apple, bitter cherry sprays that prevent puppies from licking, chewing, mouthing and biting. The training involves two significant steps-
    The first step consists of making the smell and taste in the puppies’ mind so that the scent will keep him away from biting. To do this, the owner should spray the product on a cotton ball and put it in the puppy’s mouth. The puppy should spit it out immediately. 
    The second step involves when the owner actively uses the product for training. When the puppy realizes that the product doesn’t taste good, it will slowly pause to chew, lick, mouth, or bite anything or anyone. The owner should also keep in mind that once the puppy consumes the spray, he should not drink water for some time as it will be ineffective.

How to Stop a Puppy From Nipping:

Mouthing and nipping is a natural tendency in puppies but could be dangerous in dogs. The puppies’ behavior changes into frustrating when they are left alone by their owners in the shelter homes. Many puppies like to nip at the feet or ankle of their owners when they walk. Just like mouthing, nipping is not an aggressive behavior shown by the puppies. Some puppy nip at people’s feet to grab attention or to tell them that they wanted to play with them. To stop puppy nipping the owner should start teaching the puppy with general dog behavior. To train the puppy on how to stop a puppy from nipping, the owner should use specific tactics. If the puppy is nipping at the owner’s heels, the owner should keep the puppies’ favorite toy in his pocket.

The Clicker Training (Clicker Training Puppy)

Clicker training is also an excellent thing to teach the puppy to stop nipping as it indicates good behavior. The clicker sound is a signal that the puppy is doing something right. If the puppy stops to nip or bite, the owner should praise him. So that the dog will learn that nipping is not good behavior. Though the owner follow some general precautions which are-

  • Avoiding waving hands or toes in front of the puppy, slapping the sides of the face of a dog encourages him to bite.
  • The owner should not avoid playing with the dog as playing builds a strong bond between the owner and the puppy—discouraging the dog from playing leads to biting and nipping.
  • The owner should also avoid Jerking the hands or legs away from the puppy when he is mouthing or nipping. This will promote the puppy to jump and bite.
  • Physical punishments or hitting the puppies make them aggressive, which causes them to bite the person harder.

When Do Puppies Stop Nipping?

The puppy will stop nipping if proper training and teaching is given. Just like a human baby, the puppy stops mouthing, biting, and nipping after a certain age if the owner is careful during the puppy-hood to manage all the puppy activities so that he does not learn to bite or nip. Though different people suggest various techniques to train the puppy in every way but do anyone tells how to prepare a human baby? Till the puppies are getting attention to their activities, they will become aware, and it will become their habit. Sometimes neglecting certain things helps, puppies learn that human skin is not for biting, mouthing or nipping without correcting or training them. 

Even if the owner does nothing, if he stops playing or interacting with the puppy, the biting or nipping habits will reduce naturally. A study carries on puppies showed that by just rejecting interaction and by stop playing with them results in stopping a puppy from nipping.

How to Deal With Aggressive Puppy Biting:

When puppies bite or mouth their owners, it can be considered as their natural behavior, but in some cases, these bites can be aggressive. The signs of aggressive biting in a puppy are poor breeding or genetics and medical issues. When a puppy is suffering from some disease, he will bite aggressively. Another reason can be environmental problems that lead to fear, anger, anxiety, or frustrations. Sometimes when puppies are uncomfortable around other dogs or humans, they will behave abnormal and started biting; this may be because some dog breeds are unsocial. 

When do Puppies Stop Biting ?

How to deal with puppy biting is the common question asked by all the dog owners. The owner should first understand the reason behind the aggressive behavior of the puppy and try to resolve it. But if he is unable to detect, the owner should seek the help of a vet or a professional behavior trainer.  Normally Puppies Stop Biting by the time your puppy has his full set of grown up teeth. 

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