How to Stop Dogs From Fighting (How To Get Dogs to Stop Fighting)

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Just like other animals, dogs can fight for various reasons, and injuries from dog fighting are the common cause to visit a vet. If two dogs are involved in a fight, their injuries can range from minor to life-threatening.  When a person witnesses its dog fight, he can get frustrated, but it is essential to study the reason behind their fights and understand how to separate them.

Why Do Dogs Fight? (Why Do Dogs Attack Each Other)

Many owners have to witness a terrible fight between their dogs (dogs attack each other), but it becomes even more challenging to understand whether the dogs are playing or fighting. Any play session between two dogs can result in an ultimate fight. The fight increases even more when a third member is involved in the game. It becomes even more difficult for a person who is not trained with dogs.

There are so many reasons that a fight may break out between dogs. Even two dogs living together or are related to each other can fight. When a match takes place in the household between two pet dogs, the reason can be for the food and toys, conquer territory, or maintain a hierarchy. Sometimes the dogs fight in case of redirected aggression.

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Why Do Dogs Play Fight?

Food and toys are the most common reasons for the fight between the two dogs. Many dogs are possessive about their toys and chew bones. If the dog owners want to stop or avoid fighting between two dogs, they should feed them separately in two different rooms. If dogs are feed together with the one who finishes the meal, first will try to eat the other’s food.

  • Most dogs are highly desired for bones and chew toys; if dogs are possessive for bones or toys, it is hard for owners to take away from them the bones and toys.
  • If the dog owner notices that the dog displays possessive behavior, the owner should remove all the toys from the house.
  • The owner should not remove them in front of the dogs; the owner should distract the dogs with another toy.
  • Change the mindset of the dog by holding the leash and make them excited by taking them for a walk, or in the car.
  • Other reasons for which dogs can fight are dog parks and family trips.
  • When dogs meet another breed in the dog park initially, they play and chase each other in that environment.
  • But when a pack of dogs chases or runs for the same Frisbee or ball, the excitement can turn into aggression.
  • Family vacations or family functions mean a gathering of a lot of people with their dogs, which are unfamiliar with your dogs; this can be the reason to fight during holiday or function.

More about Dog Fight (What to do When Dogs Fight)

The owner should be aware of the threats and should be cautious about their pet’s behavior. Owners should remember that dogs may need their own time to adjust themselves during a family vacation or gathering. It is essential to understand the dog’s behavior and work according to it to avoid any stressful environment.

How to separate fighting dogs (How To Stop Dog Fight):

When two dogs get involved in a fight, it became difficult for the owners to separate them. The owners need to handle and stop their fight calmly. To separate the dogs, the owner should follow the following steps-

  • If two dogs get into a fight, the owner’s initial reaction should be to scream their names loudly and to yell ‘No.’ Loud commands such as ‘away’ can help them to stop fighting. Grunting at the dogs may catch their attention as the sound is unfamiliar to them. The owner should not scream or yell at the dogs, as this may lead them to act aggressively out of fear.
  • Making a loud noise can distract them, and they may stop fighting. If dogs are engaged in beginning a fight, it is beneficial to create loud noises to get the dogs away from each other. The owners should carry noisy devices such as a whistle or an air horn.
  • If owners are away from home, it is necessary to carry spray bottles with them. Looking at the stranger breed, dogs can begin fighting. Some owners carry the spray bottle filled with water and vinegar, while others also carry citronella oil along with water and vinegar. The smell of vinegar and citronella oil are unpleasant to the dog’s sensitive nose and creates distraction between them.
  • When dogs fight does not put any body part near their mouth as they will not figure out your hands or legs from the other dog. Using a leash and forming a loop between the hook and the handle is comfortable for the owners to stop the dog from fighting. 

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How to Make Dogs Like Each Other:

We know the dog is a social animal, and everyone in the world who owns a dog as a pet wants their pet to socialize with other humans as well as to other dogs also. Socializing with other dogs is essential for your pet as it is not possible to avoid contacting with other breeds throughout their lives. Many dogs live together since the early days, and people can see this behavior mainly in street dogs. However, this is not the case when we talk about pet dogs because of the over-protected behavior of the owners. Pet dogs are not able to cope up with the outside environment.

Although two dogs can become friends and can like each other with a little help from their owners. Following are some on how to get two dogs like each other-

Introducing The Dogs to Each Other:

Whether two dogs can like each other or not depends on the way how they are introduced to each other. A dog park is the best place to make two dogs comfortable with one another. This will also help the owner to understand how their dog behaves and reacts in the presence of other breeds. Many owners make a big mistake by directly introducing them in the house and put them together in the same area. If either of the dogs is trained, it will be quiet comfortable, but if both of them are not prepared, then the owners have to be more careful. 

Taking Them For a Walk-

Long walks are one of the best ways to make dogs become friends. When the owners allow them to walk along together, they sniff and greet each other. But the owners should leash the dogs and make them walked by different owners. The owners should not allow the dogs to walk too close to each other as they may feel exposed to the presence of another dog. When the owners think about the sign of tensions between them, they should bring them back. 

Never Force Them to Share Their Territory or Food-

Dogs are attached to their owner’s place, bringing another pet in the home makes them uncomfortable. Though many people think that by keeping the dogs together can build a bond between the two. Some owners also force them to share their room, food, and toys with the new dog, but that is not going to work. Providing both of them with a separate room will create fewer chances of fights between them. Feeding the dogs separately in different places is also essential to avoid conflict. Feeding separately will result in less feeling of threatening and will give enough time to adjust to each other.

Train them equally-

Both the dogs should be trained similarly and should be given equal time. It is beneficial to start the training with the basic commands like sit, stop, down. The owner has to provide the same time to both the dogs for training, exercising, and playing. The owner should understand that not all dog breeds are capable of learning commands, orders, or requests quickly. When dogs are trained together, it will be easy for them to understand each other and get along. If the owner does not have enough time to teach them, they should be enrolled at a training center.

Why Do Dogs Sneeze When They Play Fight?

Many times dogs sneeze while playing or fighting; some breeds often seem to sneeze more than humans. There can be various reasons behind the sneezing of dogs while playing and competing. 

The main reason for a dog sneeze is because something can irritate inside their nose, such as pollen from seasonal pet allergies. Dogs have a strong sense of smell; a study estimates that dogs can smell 10,000 to 100,000 times more sensitive than humans. Sometimes dogs sneeze while playing or having fun or when they get too excited. Another reason is that dogs tend to curl their lips, which causes the dog to wrinkle to their nose that indicates as a signal to sneeze. 

Why Do Dogs Sneeze (Reverse Sneezing in Dogs)

Dogs often use their sneeze to communicate with other dogs while playing. When dogs are playing together, they always communicate through a sneeze. Sometimes dogs use sneeze as a calming signal. Although all the sneezes are not fun and games, dogs may sneeze due to cold or allergy. A deep sniffle may indicate a sign of cold, and in this case, it is better to visit a vet. 

How to Discipline Your Dog (How To Discipline a Dog):

Discipline is necessary for the dogs so that they can stay well-behaved in the house as well as outside. A disciplined dog listens to his master and follows its orders. Here are some tips for How to Discipline Your Dog

  • The foremost tip is to let your dog know about the rules of your house. It is essential to teach your dog how things correctly work in the house. Teach the dog about the things which are allowed to do or the things which are not allowed.
  • All the family members should give the same house rules, giving mixed signals will confuse the dog. To make it easy, a list should be hanged out somewhere in the house so that all the members’ can read it. Saying no to a dog is necessary to make him understand what not to do in the house.
  • Authorize yourself as a leader so that it can result in controlling the unwanted behavior of the dog-like excessive barking, possessiveness for toys or food, ignoring the commands.
  • Make sure your dog finishes the meal and to serve controlled meals. Until the first meal is not finished, do not serve the second meal. Teach the dog about the eating habits, eating food by sitting, and keeping the bowl in front. 

Top 10 Fighting Dogs:

  1. American pit bull terrier
  2. Kangal
  3. Cane Corso
  4. American bulldog
  5. Doberman pinscher
  6. Rottweiler
  7. Tosa Inu
  8. Dogo argentine
  9. Presa Canario
  10. Bully kutta

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