How to Stop a Dog from Digging? Why do Dogs Dig Holes?

how to stop a dog from digging | dogs digging

Many dog owners often complain about their dogs spending too much time in digging, this is a common dog behavior problem. Dogs can dig for many reasons such as boredom, hunting, or attention seeking. It is important for the owners to study how to prevent dogs from digging.

Why Do Dogs Dig Hole? (How To Get a Dog to Stop Digging)

There are so many reasons that dogs dig holes-

  • Entertainment- Dogs sometime dig just for their entertainment, they mostly prefer to live outside and it is not possible for the owners to spend all the day outside with them. Owners let their dogs play outside in the yard by their own, so dogs often find a way to tickle themselves. When dogs learn that soil and roots move and play back they find this a new playing technique. When dogs are left alone in the yard for a longer period alone they spend much time in digging. Some breeds are active so they need some jobs to become happy, even when a dog see their owners gardening or working in the yard they also wanted to do the same thing. Digging also relieves the stress and boredom of dogs.
  • Escape- When dogs want to escape from something or from somewhere and they find that they cannot get over the fence they start digging (dog digging). Some dog breeds are escape artist they can create perfect tunnel for crawling. Many owners do not have fences so dogs can easily dig. Dogs also dig when they wanted to chase something or someone. Dogs even fear from the neighborhood dogs or natural surroundings, this fear leads them to dig to escape. Dogs often dig randomly in the yard when they might hear the sound of underground creature or something they smell buried under the ground.
  • Comfort and Protection: To shelter themselves from hot weather, cold, wind or rain dogs dig holes and let themselves cool in the dirt. In this situation the dogs find large buildings, shade trees and water sources to dig holes for their comfort, they generally lie down in the holes they dig. When they do not get sufficient minerals from the food given to them they seek to find the minerals from the soil, they can also dog to find the underground water.

More Reasons Why Do Dogs Dig?

  • Attention- Digging is also the technique used by dogs to grab the attention of their owners. When they feel they are not getting proper attention they learn the attention-getting behavior. When an owner have a limited interaction with the dog, they may look for the owner’s attention and start digging in front of them. Even punishments also work as an attention seeking tool.
  • Burying hidden gems- To save their favorite chew, toy or any other item dogs dig in the dirt. Later on they dig to search for the items that they have hidden in the past. Burying hidden treasures is the hereditary behavior of the dogs, where wild dogs store their food and use it later when needed. The best way to prevent dog from burying is to let them to take outside the toys which they wanted to bury in the yards, but the owner should remember to take only those toys which are used for keeping the dog engaged such as Frisbee and ball.
  • Hunting for prey- To search the insects which live under the ground or on the ground, dogs sometimes dig holes. They dig in an effort to catch the insects roaming in the yard, in this case the dogs can dig on a particular area rather than digging the boundaries of the yard, digging the roots of trees and shrubs, or digging in the path layout.

How to Prevent Dogs From Digging:

To make a dog stop digging, firstly it is essential for the owner to analyse the reason behind its digging behavior. Depending on the reasons discussed above, the owner have to take necessary approaches to keep dogs from digging. If we concerned other reasons, digging is a natural behavior found in the dogs. To stop your dog from digging, the owners need to keep patience and grit. The owner should confirm that the dog is well taken care, the owner should make sure that the dog is getting sufficient food and sleep.

How To Stop a Dog From Digging:

If a dog is spending too much time in digging it can be hard to stop them as dogs are social animals and they need owner’s attention and wanted someone to play with them. One cannot stop a dig from digging completely but can change the situations. Following steps can be helpful to make a dog stop digging-

  • The owner should spend more time with the dog by taking him for a walk twice. Playing and exercising with them using active toys such as balls or Frisbee’s.
  • The owner should ensure that the dog is getting enough food but not too much as this may initiate them to dig holes to hide the leftover food.
  • It is essential to create a shaded and a climate adjusting shelter for dog which can protect them from heat, cold and rain. This will provide them protection and they will not dig in the yard.
  • Punishing the dog will lead to motivation of digging in anxiety and anger. Rather than punishing it is beneficial for the owner to praise for good dog behavior.
  • If the owner is unable to prevent dog from digging the polite way, the next step could be to use different tactics. The owner should try some unpleasant but not harmful despondency which will stop a dog from digging.

How to Stop Dogs From Digging Under a Fence:

To prevent dogs from digging under a fence following steps should be taken by the owner-

  • Distraction- Distracting the dog can help to keep dogs from digging under fence. Constructing a sandbox in the area of the yard where it is OK for the dog to dig. The restricted sandbox will encourage the dog to play in that area only. The owner can build the sandbox by using the wooden beams and fill it with sand.
  • Adjusting the fence- Adding an L footer fencing to the existing fencing is another way to stop your dog from digging. Place a chicken wire at the base of the fence the owner should be sure that one end is attached securely to the fence. Placing large rocks along the bottom of the fence lines and bury the bottom of the fence 1 to 2 feet below the surface. Putting a chain-like fencing on the ground will protect the dog while walking near the fence.
  • Deterrent spray- Spraying capsicum pepper, black pepper around the area of the fence may also help to keep dog from going under fence. The owner should place the spray in such a way that the dog should smell it after that they will began to sneeze and avoid going around that area. The owner can also fill the digging area with poop, some dogs hate the smell of their own poop.
  • Airlock- An airlock is a small fencing in particular entry and exit gates. If the dog is trying to escape through the gate it is helpful to airlock the gate.
  • Remove appeal- The owner should keep fresh dirt and freshly tilled earth away from the dog as they enjoy digging in this places. It is important to keep the yard less appealing for the dog so that the owner can prevent dogs from digging under fence.
  • Professional assistance- if the owner finds it difficult to find the reason or couldn’t stop dog from digging, the owner should consult to a professional dog trainers. The owner can also enroll the dog to the basic training class where the dog can learn basic commands like sit, stop, run, stay, down, don’t touch.

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