How To Get Dog Poop Out of Carpet (Dog Poop on Rug)

how to get dog poop out of carpet | dog poop

All the animal lovers find it very pleasant to have a dog in their homes. It gives them immense pleasure when they came back home from a long tiring day and sees a small wagging tail coming to them, hugging and kissing them. But when a person thinks to adopt a dog, he or she should get themselves prepare to accept all the circumstances coming with the dog. Being a pet parent, one should be aware of all the messes coming out. Though talking about a dog’s poop is not a fascinating topic, but a dog’s poop can be dangerous.

Dog Poop on Carpet:

All pet parents experience the typical scenario of their dog’s pooping on the rug. There are various that why dogs poop on the carpet always; the most popular reasons are stress, illness, or a new routine. Dogs that are trained in-house are aware that it is not right to poop in the house. Dog follows a method to poop when we take them for a walk. They started circling the sniffing area until they find the right place to poop. Dogs generally prefer to poop in the same place where they did it previously.

A new schedule or separation anxiety is another reason for the dogs pooping on the carpet. Dogs often experience anxiety when they got separated from their owners. Some dogs understand and calm themselves that their owner will come back soon, while some don’t understand and took the separation seriously. Separation leads to unusual behavior, which also includes pooping on the carpet.

Medical issues are the reason for the dog’s behavior of pooping inside the house. Due to some medical problems such as parasite, food poisoning, bacteria, virus, and diarrhea, dogs are not able to control themselves.

How To Clean Faces From Carpet (How to Get Dog Poop Out of Carpet)

To clean the carpet from the faeces of dog the owner should follow these steps-

  • Carpet fabric- Before cleaning poop from the carpet, it is essential to note the kind of material from which carpet made. Rugs can be made of cotton, wool, nylon, polyester, and acrylic. It is essential to wash the carpet immediately to clean the poop thoroughly. Rinsing the carpet with hot water helps to clean the carpet, but wool carpets cannot be removed with warm water. Only cold water is suitable for the rugs made of wool.
  • Cleaning tools- The foremost tool for cleaning is a pair of gloves, other than gloves the owner should gather-
  1. A piece of cardboard or a plastic dustpan
  2. White paper towels
  3. A sealable plastic bag
  4. An oxygen-based bleach
  5. Laundry detergent
  6. A bucket to mix water with detergent
  7. Soft bristles brush
  8. Some soft white clothes
  9. White vinegar
  • Remove solid parts- If the dog poop is solid, it becomes easy to clean it, but if the faeces are like runny diarrhea, the owner should start cleaning by picking up the substantial parts. For picking it a successive cardboard or plastic dustpan will be beneficial. The owner should try to minimize the mess from moving around and avoid blotting the stained area as it will lead to applying more profound force. The owner should put the dirty towel in a sealed bag. 
  • Pre-treat the stain- Pre-treating the stain is the trick suggested by professional carpet cleaners. Soaking the stain with an oxygen-based fabric cleaner.
  • Mixing laundry liquid- Mixing laundry liquid with hot water and then gently using it on the stain and let it sit for 15 minutes.
  • Scrubbing- Now it’s time to do the tough job using the soft bristle brush and dip it into the cleaning liquid and scrubbing the stain. The owner should keep in mind to scrub from outside towards in and not scrub outwards as this will spread the stain.
  • Rinsing- Once the stain seems to be gone it’s time to clean the carpet with fresh water. If the water is distilled, it will be even better. The water of the bucket should be changed, and the rug should be washed until the soapy mixtures disappear.
  • Drying- After cleaning the stain of faeces, it is necessary to dry up the carpet completely.

How To Get Dried Dog Poop Out Of Carpet (Dry Dog Poop):

If the dog’s poop is cleaned immediately, it will provide relief to the owner, but it could be challenging to clean the dried poop out of the carpet. If the owner does not treat the dried poop carefully, it will end up creating a bigger mess. To treat dried poop, the owner needs the right tools.
Following tools can be helpful-

  • Broom- To clean the dried poop, the owner has to begin with a broom or a brush. There is a wide variety of brush and broom that are available in the market that comes in the combo with dustpans.
  • Vacuum cleaner- As it is dried faeces, brushing alone cannot help to get rid of it, as a broom cannot take all the particles. The vacuum cleaner can ensure that every smallest particle is made out of the carpet.
  • Chemical indicator- Once the owner has managed to clean the dried particles from the poop now the only worry thing which is left is the stains of the dried poop. The owner has a choice to remove the stain either at home or by using a dog’s stain removal products available in the market. If the owner wants to clean the stain at home, then lemon or baking soda is the best way.
  • Brush- Get the chemical work on the stain; to use a soft bristle brush, opting a hard brush can tear the carpet.
  • Paper towel- It is idle to use a paper towel or soft cloth to clean the chemical of the rug.
  • Plastic bag- Collect the poop from the carpet; in a sealable plastic bag.

How to Get Poop Smell Out Of Carpet (How To Get Dog Poop Smell Out Of Carpet)

When a dog poops inside the house, the owner has to deal with odor or odor along with the stain. There are specific ways to remove and neutralize the smell of a dog’s poop. The reason behind the smell is the enzymes that are left in the carpet. Steps to remove the odor-

  • Pet odor neutralizer- this product is specially designed to remove the smell of the urine and faeces of pets. This product is useful as it eliminates the scent so that the dogs will not keep marking at the same spot. The products are available in the market and can be used in a variety of surfaces and fabrics. 
  • If the neutralizer comes in a spray bottle, you have to spray on the affected area. If it comes in a pour bottle, you have to moisten a cloth with the liquid and rub it on the field.
  • After rubbing and spraying you have to wipe it with a clean, soft cloth. 
  • One can also use baking soda to get rid of the odor, a mixture of baking soda and water is a known odour absorber. The dough should be thick so that it can stick to the affected area. 
  • Apply the mixture with the help of a cloth and spread it in the form of a layer, allow it to dry completely. Wash by using a brush or vacuum cleaner. 
  • Vinegar is another home remedy for smells, apply the liquid on the carpet and let it dry. 

How To Sanitize Carpet After Dog Poop:

After cleaning the stains and smell of the poop, the next step involves sanitizing or disinfecting the mat to protect from various diseases. A disease that is transmitted from animals to humans is called zoonotic diseases

There is a list of diseases that may be transmitted to humans through dogs poop. To avoid these diseases, one should take care of handling and picking up the dog’s poop.  Sanitizing the carpet includes the following-

  • The foremost step involves getting the poop out of the carpet using rubber gloves. Disinfecting the carpet involves two methods- one can use a market product or can use any home remedy.
  • Using a carpet cleaning agent or a carpet shampoo will be helpful to wash the carpet. There are several products available for cleaning the carpet from dog poops. One should remember not to use the product for over-soaking the rug as it may be harsh on the carpet fabric. After washing the carpet with the cleaning product, it is necessary to vacuum it thoroughly. 
  • To disinfect the carpet using a home remedy, all you need is one cup of water with 2-3 drops of liquid soap and a half cup of white vinegar. Before applying the mixture on the whole carpet, it will be useful to test it in a small area. Once the test is done, you can soak the carpet with the solution and let it sit for some time. After sanitizing, it is essential to vacuum the carpet. 

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