How to Get a Dog to Stop Whining? (Dog Whining)

how to get a dog to stop whining

Why Do Dogs Whine?

We all know that animals cannot speak as we humans do. But they do communicate by using their body language and energy. Unlike barking and growling, whining is another form that dogs use to vocalize. When a dog whine, it means that it wants to communicate something to you. Maybe the dog is trying to ask you something, or tell you something. Even sometimes when the dog feels pain or stressed it will whine at you.

When a dog whines at you, it is important to be careful about how you react at its whine. First, try to understand the reason behind its whine. Encouraging whining may lead to behavioral problems.

Whining is common in puppies as they learn to communicate with their mother for food and other needs. Young ones sometimes whine or cry to seek attention. The reasons behind your dog’s whining may commonly include-

  • When your pup wanted to ask you for something it will start to whine. The dog can ask you for food, walk or any of his toys.
  • The dog may indicate this by shifting his eyes between you and the door if your dog wants to go for a walk.
  • In the same manner, the dog will move his eyes between you and any other object which he wants.
  • If your dog is excited then whining can become a part of burning energy. Which may be followed by running around and jumping up and down. 
  • Whining also includes showing boredom, which may also lead to grabbing your attention. So that you can help your dog to eliminate his boredom.
  • Many dogs whine to express their illness and pain. The dog may whine to get your attention and let you know about his pain. In some cases rather than seeking the owner’s attention dog whine to calm themselves. 
  • When the dog is afraid or anxious about something, he will indicate it by whining. This type of whining is followed by appeasement gestures such as yawning, lip licking or thwarting the eyes.
  • When the dog is stressed the whining is often accompanied by other signals such as cringing, flattened ears, and a tucked tail. 

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Why Do Dogs Whimper?

Dogs are compassionate and sensitive animals. When they saw their owners happy they start wagging their tail and share the joy. When the owners feel sad about something they will always offer a warm cuddle and share the sadness. But at some point you may have noticed the watery eyes of your dog. It is easy to assume that the dog is crying but those tears are caused by something else then emotions. Humans can cry out of emotions, but dogs cannot. Just like humans, dogs have had tear ducts which helps them to keep proper functioning of their eyes. A dog’s tear ducts allow the liquid to drain back towards the throat and nose instead of dropping.

So whenever it seems that your dog is crying. There might be something wrong and you need to visit the vet. Here are some reasons that cause a tear in dogs-

  • As we know that dogs also suffer from different allergies, which can cause a tear in their eyes. Some breeds are allergic to dust, smoke, pollen, dander and food ingredients.
  • When the dog’s tear duct gets blocked the tear will flow from their eyes. This eye issue is known as Epiphora, in this condition. The dog’s area around the eyes will become wet. And the dog may develop skin irritation or have brown or red skin around the eyes.
  • A dog suffering from an eye infection displays its tear as yellow, mucus instead of clear. Other symptoms that can be seen are swollen or irritated eyes.
  • Tearing up of a dog’s eye may sometimes be due to a speck of dirt in his eyes. In such a situation, the tear should stop soon. And if the tear doesn’t stop it surely indicates some serious symptoms.

Dog Whining for Attention (Why Does My Dog Whine):

A dog’s whining behavior also includes attention-seeking, sometimes dogs just whine when they want your attention. This is similar to the behavior of little kids, where kids whine when no one is paying attention to them. When the dog wants to grab someone’s attention it will start whining. Make sure you provide sufficient time to your buddy. As boredom may lead to destructive behaviors such as chewing on the furniture and digging the flower beds.

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How to Stop a Dog From Whining (How to Stop a Puppy from Whining):

To stop your dog from whining is quite a tough task which requires a lot of time and patience. You have to ensure that the dog is getting all the basic needs such as food, sleep, exercise. You will also have to be careful that dogs are social animals so they need people to play with them and give proper attention to them.

This may involve your family members or neighbors. So that whenever you are unavailable they can help you by taking care of your buddy in your absence.

The following strategies are helpful to eliminate the habit of whining from your dog-

  • Ensure that you provide all the necessities of your dog so that the dog has no reason to whine.
  • Boredom also leads to whining, make sure that your dog is not bored. He has toys, chewing bone or any other object to play with.
  • We have discussed above that dogs also whine to seek attention and if the dog whines for attention ignore him. Avoid yelling at him as this seems to be a form of attention.
  • If the dog stops and quiets, reward him by providing treat, play or affection.
  • Continue to provide your dog with rewards until he learns that calm behavior will ensure treat for him.
  • Spend more time with your dog to train and socialize him with the new environment and people. This will build confidence in the dog and eliminate fear.

How to Stop a Puppy from Crying:

Before thinking about the ways how to stop crying, we have to understand why do puppies cry? As dogs cry for various reasons, so do puppies cry for the same. They can cry to meet their basic need, to seek attention. They can also cry when they become boredom, to reduce stress or anxiety.

There are certain ways to reduce or stop a puppy from crying, they are as follows-

  • Make sure that the basic needs of puppies are met which includes its routine schedule. Take your puppy for a potty break as puppies often cry to use the bathroom.
  • Feed your puppy timely, when they are hungry, they cry out for food. Maintain a feeding routine so that they can also know their mealtime. Provide plenty of fresh and clean water to them.
  • If the puppy stays mentally and physically active, the pup will avoid crying. As he is getting enough time to play and release its energy.
  • Puppies hate being left alone, so try to avoid leaving them alone. Always ensure that any member of the family is present for him if you are not available.
  • Sometimes they even cry to grab your attention, and you know that all their needs and wants have been met avoid their crying by the silent treatment.
  • Do not scold, touch or make eye contact with them, as these can also be a kind of attention to them. Once they stop crying, reward them with a treat.
  • If the above ways do not work out and the pup doesn’t stop crying consult a vet as it may indicate some health issue with your puppy.

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