How to Get a Cat to Like You (How to Make a Cat Like You)

how to befriend a cat | how to get a cat to like you

How to Make a Cat Like You:

Every person in the world who love animals always wanted the animals to keep with them. Dogs and cats are the most common and loved animals who are pets to every house across the world. If we talk about cats they are the most mysterious creature, in one time they will love and cuddle you and on the next time they will start scratching you.

Cat owners always have to face their weird behavior, when you bring a cat to your house, it is important for you to build a strong relationship between you and your feline. For this, you have to first understand your cat’s behavior, likes, and dislikes. Once you are able to understand your cat it is a possibility that it may even love you.

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How to Befriend a Cat:

Here are some tips to make a cat like and even these ways can give an answer on how to make a cat come to you– 

  • The foremost step towards making your cat you to like you is to take care of your feline. Cats love to sleep, play, spending some time alone. You should make sure about giving your cat some personal space. You should prepare a comfortable, clean and cozy bed for your cat. This will make your cat accept you as its parents.
  • The next necessary thing is to take care of the cat’s hunger, for this, you should feed your cat regularly. If the cat remains hungry it may behave unusually and aggressively. Feeding the cat with healthy food along with sufficient water will help to create a bond between both of you. Make sure you do not feed the cat with the food which may prove to be unsafe for your feline.
  • Initially, when a cat hesitates to come to near you or it may take some time to get comfortable with you, it is helpful if you reward your feline with a treat. It is not always necessary that a pet should be rewarded with a treat when they display their good behavior or listens to your command. But you should also be careful that too many treats may be dangerous for your cat, as it contains sugar that results in unhealthy weight gain.
  • Cats are animals who love to groom themselves and wanted their surroundings clean. To make your cat a special friend of yours, you have to take care of your cat’s cleanliness. It is not only that cleanliness will bring both of you close but will prevent your cat from diseases.
  • A healthy cat will remain always happy which will naturally build your relationship stronger with your feline. Keeping an eye on your cat’s health is the major responsibility, visiting the vet whenever needed promotes a healthy relation.
  • Spending quality time with your feline is the best way to come closer and better understand your cat. Playing and having fun will help you to build a healthy bond with your cat.

What Attracts Cats (How to Attract Cats)?

When you bring the cat home for the first time, the new cat will probably be shy or scared which is quite normal. This will make you think about why does my cat not like me? The answer is that It will take some time to get comfortable with the new place and a new schedule. But thankfully there are certain ways that enable the cat to come closure and trust you. 

  • If you want the cat to get comfortable in the new house, you should provide the cat with a soft, comfortable bed as cats do love to sleep. Use a soft fabric at the bottom of the bedding to ensure the cat’s sleep did not get disturbed. Put some extra fabric so that the cat can cover itself.
  • Spray some catnip inside the enclosure, as the catnip herb scent attracts cat. You can also sprinkle catnip outside the enclosure so that the cat can smell it from a distance.
  • Always allow your cat to come and sit to you so that the cat can get familiar to your scent and the cat can also ensure that you are not going to harm it. 
  • Speaking with the cat politely and softly can make it more comfortable with you. Loud voice pitch can scare them and they can lose the sense of security around you.
  • Understand the body language of the cat and act according to it. Make slow movements before cats so that they will not frighten them. Start petting on its back and slowly scratch behind its ears. If the cat gets tensed stop petting and lets it calm down.

How to Gain a Cats Trust:

Cats are independent creatures that usually do not depend on others, sometimes they even take a longer period to trust their owners and respond less quickly. Here, you have to push yourself and help your feline to get habitual with your house environment.

To make the cat get friendly and trust you can use the following ways-

  • When you bring the cat in a new environment, you cannot expect that the cat will become comfortable and trust you. First, you will have to understand the attitude of the cat. You cannot force the cat to do anything instead you have to provide some time and let trust you. 
  • Providing your feline with appropriate space is a good way to get closer to it. Cats need their own place where they can sleep, eat and play. Often when cats are angry or insecure they need places to hide, allow them to explore new places.
  • In a new environment, cats can find troubling in sleeping or relaxing. You can help them to calm themselves by making physical contact with them so that they can get familiar with your scent. 
  • Whenever you find that your new feline has done something wrong that it shouldn’t do, never yell as it may be exploring the new house. Yelling at the cat will make them frightened and it might show some unusual behavior.
  • Always try to create a positive environment for your feline as this will lead them to get social with you. Let the cat encourage the contact with you and you should avoid eye contact with the cat as it displays a threat or challenge in cat’s language.

How to Deal With Cats (How to Get a Cat’s Attention):

People with pets care for them just like a baby, they will play with them have fun, cuddle them spend some quality time that relieves their stress. At the same time, all these things are responsibilities for those who are having a cat as a pet in their family. If the cat is new in the family, you have to remember some basic things that will let you know how to handle a cat.

  • When the cat is your new family member provide it with some time to get comfortable in the house between strangers. Just like humans, cats do need their own space, so to get into a better relationship with the cat avoid disturbing them while they are sleeping, eating or exploring their new house.
  • Let all the family members take responsibility for the new feline, by feeding it, playing with it and provide the cat with regular care. 
  • When the cat is tired give it a proper time to take rest. If you will disturb the cat it will show aggression and anger.
  • Carry the cat in the right way never pick the cat by holding their neck. Always hold the cat with your one hand at its bottom and the other hand by the chest. Do not pluck or grab the cat from ears or tail as the feline cannot tolerate this.
  • To build up a strong bond with the feline always play with her and talk to her. Although the cat is not going to understand tour talk it can get used to with your voice.

Picking Up a Dog vs Cat:

To pet, a dog or a cat depends on the individual choice whether he wants a dog or a cat. But often people get confused to choose between both. Dogs and cats both species have some advantages as well as some disadvantages also. Let’s compare both the species and then conclude the result.

Things to remember while choosing pet:

  • Dogs are social animals who lived in packs in the wild, whereas cats are lone hunters. As dogs live in packs they have a habit to follow their leader which makes them more obedient. Cats, on the other hand, are not as obedient as dogs are. 
  • It is easier to train a dog than the cat, to train a cat requires a lot of patience and practice while dogs learn their commands quickly as they are always ready to please their master.
  • Dogs can fit in any house or apartment whether it is small or large, whereas cats need more open space. Dogs need an active lifestyle they want to go for walk, run and do more physical activities. But cats get their exercise through playing only. 
  • According to a study cat owners and dog owners also differ in some areas. The people who keep cats tend to be more introvert, less social and more self-contained whereas the people who own a dog are more social and interactive.

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