Dachshunds Facts (Dachshund Information)

dachshunds facts

Dachshunds are known as the wiener dog or sausage dog. Dachshunds prove to be a loyal companion and good with children. The breed also participates in the conformation shows, field trials and many other events organized. In the United States, the dachshund is ranked 13th in popularity among dog breeds.

What Does a Dachshund Look Like?

Dachshunds have typically long bodies, muscular with short legs. The front paws of dachshunds are unequal large, a puddle shape which is suitable for digging. The structure of wiener is long and low to the ground with short, sturdy legs. They have pointed almond-shaped eyes and round, floppy ears. Most dachshunds have shades of brown eyes; however, if their coats have a lighter side, they can have hazel, green or blue eyes. They have broad and deep chest, which provides sufficient lung capacity for stamina when hunting.

Dachshund Personality:

Dachshunds are well known for their courageous nature and will take upon animals more significant than themselves. They are aggressive towards strangers and other dogs. Dachshunds are loyal and excellent watchdogs. Sometimes, they can be challenging to train; they are good with children and their family.

Dachshunds have three different coat varieties- smooth or short hair, long-haired and wire-haired. All these varieties of dachshunds found in two sizes- standard and miniature.

The color shade of these coats may have red, black, gray, white, and chocolate. Some of the dachshund’s admirers say that the personalities among the three varieties differ from each other. For instance, the long-haired are calmer than the short-haired dachshund.

More About Dachshunds:

Dachshunds also have a lot of variation in their patterns, such as-

  • Dapple- this is described by Merle pattern, throughout the coat, dark and light patches contrast each other.
  • Brindle- dark stripes distributed across the body.
  • Sable- the design appears as an overlay of dark tipped hair on a red coat.

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How Big do Dachshunds Get?

A fully grown standard dachshund appears longer than miniature dachshunds. A standard dachshund is 8 inches tall and weighs between 16 to 32 pounds. However, a miniature dachshund is about 5 to 6 inches tall and typically weighs more than 11 pounds. The third size of a dachshund, the Kaninchen is not known to everyone, this breed weighs between 8 to 11 pounds.

Dachshund Behavior:

Dachshunds are playful animals and known for chasing small animals and birds. Many dachshunds are rigid and are hard to train. They can be aggressive towards strangers and other animals. Although, they are rated in the intelligence of dogs as a working dog with a steady ability to follow trained commands. They are known for their loyalty and devotion to their owners. Dachshunds are prone to separation anxiety if they are left alone and can display unusual behavior like chewing objects to relieve stress.

They are natural burrowers and like to burrow in blankets and other things available in the house. Dachshunds can bark loudly sometimes, while others will not bark much. The breed is very energetic and requires 20 to 40 minutes per day. They need the training to socialize with other dogs and people. An untrained dachshund will become destructive and unfamiliar. In contrast, a trained dachshund will be less aggressive and familiar with the people of all age groups.

Can Dachshunds Swim?

Despite their short legs, dachshunds can swim, and some loves to be there in the water while other dachshunds may not like. Though dachshunds can swim, but their long bodies and short legs do not make them an excellent swimmer. However, one can make dachshund a good swimmer by following these steps-

  • It is easy to teach dachshund swimming when they are puppies as adults are quite challenging to train.
  • To get the dachshund familiar with water, take him for a walk near any sea, lake or river.
  • Make him to paddle and wet paws in water, but be careful about the depth of the water.
  • Always make sure the water is shallow enough for the dachshund to touch the ground while wading.
  • You can also register your dachshund in a training place where they offer swimming lessons for dogs.

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Dachshund Health Issues:

Dachshund breed is prone to specific health issues that occur in them more frequently as compared to any other dog breed. Before having a dachshund as a pet, the owner has to educate themselves about health issues in a dachshund, so that they can observe the symptoms in the early stages.

Most common health issues found in dachshunds are-

Back Disease-

Back problem is very common in this breed, about 25 percent of dachshunds experience back problems in their lifetime. The back issue causes the vertebrae and disks to become frail, which results in problems similar to slipped disk in humans. Spinal injuries can be painful and may sometimes lead to permanent damage to the spine.

Dental Problems-

Dachshunds are predisposed to dental issues, the primary cause is that the Chondrodysplasia can result in cluster of teeth in the jaw. Teeth affected from clustering leads to periodontal disease due to their tendency to trap food, plaque, and calculus which can cause infection and inflammation.

Cushing’s Disease-

The symptom of Cushing is often mistaken as aginging signs. The Cushing disease is caused due to excess of steroid hormone which is produced by the adrenal gland. However, Cushing can be treated with oral medication as prescribed by the vet or in the severe case surgery might be suggested.


This breed is listed in the top 10 breeds at highest risk of obesity. The disease can trigger various other health issues.


Dachshunds are at a higher risk of developing skin, fat cells, and anal sacs cancer.

Are Dachshunds Good Dogs?

Yes, dachshunds are good dogs, and they like to be part of a family. A well-trained dachshund is intelligent, loyal, protective, and fun. The breed is also good with children, though one should not leave the child alone with the dachshund. As they sometimes can get jealous of the babies. Other than their behavior, the essential reason that makes the breed accessible between families is their low maintenance. They produce less dander, they shed less, and they also need less grooming which makes them favorite breed.

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Dachshund’s Facts:

  • Dachshunds are hunting dogs.
  • They are stubborn and intelligent.
  • The breed often barks, but when they cry they do it loudly.
  • They can be picky about weathers.
  • Dachshunds are hard to potty train.
  • They are the smallest hounds.
  • The breed is a prominent digger.
  • Dachshunds come in 15 colors, six marking types, three coats and three sizes.
  • While picking them up, always support their back.
  • The Dachshund is a German word for badger dog; they developed in the 18th century.
  • They include the elements of German, French and English Hounds and Terriers. 

How Long do Dachshunds Live?

Dachshunds live with an average lifespan of 12 to 16 years, and known for their longevity.