Hippo vs Rhino. Who Would Win?

hippo vs rhino

Rhino (Also Known as Rhinoceroses)

Rhinos (Rhinoceroses) are large herbivorous mammals who are identified b their distinct horned snout. The word rhinoceros comes from the Greek word ‘rhino‘ (nose) and ‘ceros‘ (horn). The rhinos have short legs, thick skin, and one or two horns. Rhinos generally have brown, black, and grey color. The horn of a rhino is made up of keratin, the same that can be found in human nails. Rhinos are herbivorous animals that feed on leaves, fruits, grasses, bushes, and berries. Rhinos are habitat to the tropical and sub-tropical rain forests, tropical moist forests, savanna’s, and grasslands. Rhinos are solitary animals.

The biggest predator of a rhino is a human being. Rhinoceros are listed as threatened species under the IUCN red list. These species are hunted for their horns, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine, and sometimes the horns are sold as trophies or decorations. Female rhino gave birth to a single calf after the ovulation period of 15 to 16 months. A calf will weigh about 140 pounds at the time of delivery.

Hippos (Also Known as Hippopotamus)

A hippopotamus is a third-largest mammal on earth after elephants and white rhinos. They are adapted to live in a semi-aquatic environment that allows them to rush on both land and water and are found throughout the sub- Saharan deserts. Hippos have ample head and mouth, thick skin, and short legs. Hippos are grey, brown, black color and often have pink shine on them. Lions, hyenas, and crocodiles are the most common predators of the hippos. Rivers, swamps, and wetlands are the habitat of a hippo; unlike rhinos, these species are also herbivorous who feed on creeping grasses, small green shoots, and reeds.

These species are nocturnal in nature. Hippos are listed as vulnerable under the IUCN red list, these species are threatened by habitat loss, deforestation, human settlement, and humans hunt hippos for their fat and ivory tusk. Hippos mate in the water where the female will give birth to a single calf after the gestation period for about eight months. The newborn will weigh about 60 pounds.

Hippo vs. Rhino (Difference Between Rhino and Hippo)

Scientific name – The scientific name of a hippo is Hippopotamus amphibious. The scientific name of a rhino is Rhinicerotidae.
Species- There are two different species of hippo – common hippo and pygmy hippo There are five different species of rhinos- white rhino, black rhino, Indian rhino, Sumatran rhino, and Javan rhino.
Size- The size of an adult common hippo is 3.3 to 5.2 meters, and the size of the pygmy hippo is 4.9 to 5.7 feet. Size of white rhino- the length of a male white rhino is 3.7 to 4 meters, whereas the range of a female is 3.4 to 3.6 meters. 

Size of black rhino- the length of an adult male black rhino is 2.8 to 3.8 m.

Size of Indian rhino- the male Indian rhino is 3.7 to 3.8 m in length, whereas female Indian rhino is 3.1 to 3.4 m in height.

Size of Sumatran rhino- the body length of a Sumatran
rhino is 8.2 feet.

Size of Javan rhino- Javan rhino can reach a length of 4 m.
Weight- The average hippo weight is 3,310 pounds, whereas females weigh 2,870 pounds.

The average weight of an adult pygmy hippo is 606 pounds.
The average weight of a male white rhino is 5,000 pounds, and females weigh 4,000 pounds.

The average weight of a black rhino is 3,530 pounds.

The average weight of an Indian rhino is 7,000 pounds.

The average weight of a Javan rhino is 4,410 pounds.

The average weight of a Sumatran rhino is 2,200 pounds.
Horns-Hippos do not have horns they consist of a mammoth tusk.Rhinos can have either one or two horns.
Skin thickness-The hippo’s skin thickness is 6 cm.The rhino’s skin thickness is 5 cm.
Toes-Hippos have four toes on their feet.Rhinos have three toes on their feet.
Life span- The life span of a hippo is 40 to 50 years.The lifespan of a white rhino is 40 to 50 years, and the life span of black rhino is 30 to 35 years.

Are Hippos and Rhinos related?

Hippos are thought to be the closest relatives of the whales and dolphins; it is believed that hippos and dolphins share a common ancestor. Meanwhile, rhinos are related to horses and share the same ancestor with them.

Who Would Win Rhino vs. Hippo?

Both animals are highly terrestrial, but hippos are more aggressive than rhino. The primary disadvantage of a rhino is that it has poor eyesight, whereas the sight of a hippo is good.  Though hippo doesn’t have a horn, they do have a big tusk which they use to defend. Hippos can be extremely dangerous as they have a large and bulky beast. Their sharp tooth and massive jaw can kill anyone with a large bite, which can be of 1,800 square per inch.