Golden Retriever vs Labrador Retriever vs German Shepherd

golden retriever vs lab

Everyone likes to have a pet, and most of them prefer a dog over the other pet animal. However, before preferring which dog we should always keep as pets, we have to know the benefits and limitations of various breeds. Here we will compare some of the best pet dogs- golden retriever vs. Labrador retriever vs. German shepherd.

Golden Retriever as Pet:

If one talks about puppies all light-haired, more votes will visit Golden Retrievers. Please leave them in an exceeding place stuffed with tennis balls and bacon and see how cutely these Popular Blonde dog breeds will win your hearts. However, like other things having a specific reasonable dog as your pet have its pros and cons.

Features of Golden Retriever:

  • Golden retrievers are uncomplicated to coach, as they are smart enough to urge your tricks. 
  • Their size, speed, and smartness with overloaded cutest make the training more accessible. 
  • You may teach them specific skills; you’ll surely be surprised to determine how quick learners are.
  •  If you have kids at home or have an over-sized family, you will be able to consider having them as your members of the family.
  •  As this breed likes to be in part of a family, so they’ll be comfortable in your house. 
  • As this breed can adapt very quickly, they will be your siblings too. 
  • Besides, they are very kind and might stay in kinship with other animals, including other animals apart from dogs.

How Much Does a Golden Retriever Weigh?

 Golden Retrievers are stuffed with energy and stay healthy, living their youth mostly until 3-4 years old. They are big and may get 55-70 pounds of weight. If overfed, then they gladly can get bigger.

How Much Exercise Does a Golden Retriever Need?

As mentioned above, golden retrievers are energetic, so that they need intense exercises. At the most, a daily workout of an hour is required for this breed. Without this, they will be chewy, restless, and overweight, which is not suitable for their health. However, excessive exercise is also harmful. 

 Labrador Retriever Facts:

  • The lab is cute too, friendly nature, outgoing personality, willingness to try out anything. 
  • All these qualities make them so unique and adorable. 
  • The balancing and strength of these breeds are surprisingly amazing. 
  • They are generally healthy with mischief and sparkling eyes, full head, and a soft tail swaying with happiness. 
  • It is a perfect match if you wish to consider these features while looking for a puppy.
  • They are stable and very friendly.
  •  They are very open to conditioning; they are generally pleased and a sweet kind of breed most of the time. 
  • They are emotionally attached to the trainer/Breeder very quickly; that is why there is a saying that they are the best support one can get as breeders.
  •  Labrador retrievers are exceptionally patient dogs. 
  • They are not such violent dogs; that is why they work well with kids. 
  • As children usually like to pull their tails, to pat, running here and there with them, etc. 
  • They love your company and would love to accompany you. 
  • These dogs are energetic, too; that’s why they always try to learn new things and try to fit in with your family.

Golden Retriever vs Labrador

A Golador is a crossbreed between a Labrador mixed with golden retriever. As the Golador is a crossbreed of the two most loving breeds, it inherits the quality of both Labrador and a golden retriever. They are highly energetic and friendly, and their weight ranges from 60 to 85 pounds. 

 Benefits of Having a Labrador:

  • The lab is simple to train. This breed is one of the smartest breeds of dogs. 
  • They love to satisfy you, although the favorite game is to play fetching one. 
  • They look so adorable when they run back towards you. Their small mouth makes them perfect fetchers. 
  • Although their curiosity can be a problem sometimes, they are very curious and love to explore. 
  • The funny part is that the breed is so smart that it even becomes a problem sometimes.

Common Labrador Health Problem:

As mentioned earlier, they are good learners and youthful. It becomes a problem sometimes. This youthfulness remains until the age of four, which indicates that you need to be extra cautious about chewing problems, which becomes a significant issue if the dog has anxiety issues or boredom. 

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Do Labrador Shed?

Like Golden Retriever, this breed also has shedding issues. Although they have thick winter coating, you can still see fur flying all around. Proper Hygiene is necessary for this breed. Trimming their nails or brushing their teeth once in a while is not a good option; a few times a week will work out better.

How Much Does a Golden Retriever Shed?

This breed has an abundant amount of hair. Although twice a year, they shed hair in spring and fall. Another important thing is that they don’t seem to be at being alone for an extended time. As Retriever work as your companion, similarly, they need companions too. 

 Moreover, they need lots of space to stay as they are the playful sort of breed. They need care; they are not going to sit straight till night or cannot wait for you for a long time at the door.

Do Labradors Make Good Guard Dogs?

If you want a dog to work as a guard, then don’t go for Labradors. They can connect with people emotionally very quickly. Although very protective of their ‘family’ but would forget about this companionship until they release, there is someone outside waiting for them.

Facts About German Shepherd:

  • Another famous breed about which everyone is well aware of is a German shepherd. 
  • Although it’s a beautiful kind but not for everyone, it would be best to think about which German shepherd you would like to have.
  • They come in a variety such as Black, Sable, Saddle Coat, or white German Shepherd Dog.
  • Shepherds are knowledgeable and are famous as the third smartest breed of dogs following Border Collies and Poodles. 
  • They are quick learners and can learn commands in just after 5-7 repetitions.
  • German shepherds are excellent watchdogs as these dogs are very protective of their possessions, especially their territory and personals. 
  • Their primary purpose becomes to please their trainers or masters. 
  • They become the ‘ideal dog.’ Besides, they are very energetic; that is another reason they are well suited as police, guide, military and search and rescue purposes.
  • They are very loyal. It is in German shepherd’s temperament to be dependable with proper teachings. 
  • They are all-weather dogs too. They have a thick coating of fur that helps them to abide in all weather.

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Golden Retriever vs Labrador Retriever vs German Shepherd: Comparison

ParameterGolden retrieverLabrador retrieverGerman shepherd 
Origin ScotlandEngland and CanadaGermany
Popularity Rank312
Other namesyellow retrieverLabrador, labAlsatian
Average heightmale (23 inches)
female(21 inches)
male (23 inches)
female(22 inches)
male(25 inches)
female(23 inches)
Average weightmale(70 pounds)
female(62.5 pounds)
male(67 pounds)
female(62 pounds)
male (77 pounds)
female(60 pounds)
life span
classification and comparison

If we compare golden retriever vs. Labrador retriever vs. German shepherd, this breed may not seem friendly at initial but can become a perfect companion. They all are good at warming up people’s hearts as they enjoy the companies a lot, and at the same time, they can be funny and sweet too. All these breeds are associated with some pros and cons, but all are very famous worldwide.