Golden Lion Tamarin (About Golden Lion Tamarin)

golden lion tamarin

The golden lion tamarin is a monkey species native to the Atlantic coast of Brazil. However, despite their name, these monkeys are not related to the lions. Despite this, they ahave called due to featuring a great ring of hair that shines in the sun that looks similar to an elegant lion mane. The golden lion tamarin has been influential in the life of local legends and fantasies. 

Golden lion Tamarin Classification:

Kingdom- Animalia

Phylum- Chordata 

Class- Mammalia

Order- Primates

Family- Callitrichidae

Golden lion tamarin scientific name– Leontopithecus Rosalia 

What does a golden lion tamarin look like?

Their body is covered with golden fur and their bare face skin, black. Their tail and front paws are colored brown or black. It is believed that their golden-colored hair is the result of the pigments in their food. Unlike other primates, their nails have tegulae that are curved claws like nails, which allow them to cling to small branches. 

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Where do golden lion tamarin habitat?

The golden lion tamarin is native to south-eastern Brazil. The current range of this species is limited to three small areas of this region. These monkeys inhabit forest sub-canopy generally 5 to 20 feet of the ground. However, the preferred type of habitat is humid, dominated by vines, and having arboreal pathways to protect these monkeys from aerial predators. Other suitable examples of habitat include cultivated land and secondary regrowth forest.

What is the size of the golden lion tamarin?

From head to the base of the tail, they measure from 10 to 13 inches long, where their tail adds 12 to 15 inches. Golden lion tamarin weight ranges from 17 to 24 ounces.

What do golden lion tamarin eat?

These monkeys have determined as omnivorous, maintaining the insectivorous and frugivorous diet. The golden lion tamarin diet includes plants and animals from spiders, snails, small lizards, eggs, and little birds to various fruits and vegetables. 

What is the fastest speed of golden lion tamarin?

The top speed of these primates is 25 miles per hour.

Golden lion tamarin lifecycle: (golden tamarin baby)

Golden lion tamarin has a monogamous mating behavior with a single breeding pair in each group. These monkeys have two breeding seasons each year, occurring between September and March. The gestation period lasts for 130 to 135 days delivering two offspring, which are born with their complete fur and open eyes. During the first few weeks of their lives, the babies have constantly attached to their mothers. When they are 5 weeks old, they start moving independently and exploring their surroundings. The infants have typically cared for by their father. However, the members of the group participate in nursing the young. The nursing period lasts for about 90 days. Males become mature at two years old, whereas females are ready to mate 1.5 years of age. 

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Facts About Golden Lion Tamarin:

  • When feeding upon insects, these primates use a technique known as micromanipulation.
  • They penetrate narrow slit in the tree bark with their long and slender fingers to get their meal.
  • The golden lion tamarin shares its food only with their family members. Hence, young individuals have known to steal food from their parents or siblings.
  • The golden lion tamarin is currently one of the national symbols of Brazil. 
  • Moreover, the new 20 Reais note printed by the central bank, featured this animal.
  • They have thumbs on their front feet, which are fully opposable. They exhibit flat nails and are located back from all other digits like birds.
  • The tamarin offspring feed upon maternal milk that consists of more protein and ash.
  • A single group of these primates has a territory of about 100 acres. The members defend their home range against outsiders and use scent marking.

Golden lion tamarin behavior: 

Golden lion tamarin family consists of 2 to 8 individuals, either nuclear or extended families. However, extended families consist of a breeding pair with their young ones or two offspring and other related animals. The group members highly display highly territorial behavior defending the home range against outsiders by scent marking and specialized calls. The aggressive behavior had viewed by staring, mouth opening, or an arched back. Golden lion tamarin spends more time grooming than other primates. Although they are diurnal creatures, sleeping from dusk until sunrise and occasionally taking a nap during the midday. 

How long do golden lion tamarin live? 

The average lifespan of golden lion tamarin is between 15 to 25 years.

Are golden lion tamarin endangered?

According to the IUCN, the population of these monkeys is over 1000 individuals. However, under the Monkey Worlds, around 500 individuals are in captivity. Those who had in detention have mainly found at the Poco Das Antas Biological Reserve. Currently, these species are classified as endangered. The main threat to these primates has habitat loss and captured for trade or as pets. These animals appear in local markets; however, this small-scale pet trade is no longer a serious threat. 

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