Golden Eagle vs Bald Eagle (How Tall is a Bald Eagle)

golden eagle vs bald eagle

Eagles are considered the most robust birds among other species of birds. They are known as the symbol of strength. Golden eagle vs. bald eagle is both recognized species of eagles. The golden eagle is well-known for preying on mammals while the bald eagle is known as a fish eater. However, both the eagles belong to the same family, but differ in many criteria. Some people get excited to watch a fight between these two eagles.

What Does a Golden Eagle Look Like?

The golden eagle is a splendid and powerful bird of prey. Male golden eagles are quite smaller than the females, while the adult individuals are usually to each other. They possess a dark brown body feather with a golden to blonde colored tuft on the back of their head and white feathers at the bottom of the tail. Their beak and claws are black while their feet are Cere (a flashy skin). Their nostrils cover yellow color. Young Eagles have a full line on their tail, which is covered with white color and black edge. Initially, on their primary feathers, they have white under-wing markings that start decreasing by their second year. 

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What Does a Bald Eagle Look Like? 

The bald eagle is a notable and easily identified species of birds. Adult bald eagles are dark brown, whereas their tail and head are white. They possess light yellow colored eyes and bright yellow colored legs and feet. 

These eagles have sharp claws on their feet and large hooked beaks. The bald eagle has large heads and necks. Males of the bald eagles are smaller than females. However, young and sub-adults are brown with different white spots on the bottom part of their body.

Golden Eagle vs Bald Eagle Size:

How Tall is a Golden Eagle?

The golden eagle can grow up to from 66 to 102 cm in length and weigh between 3.6 to 5 kg. However, their wingspan can measure from 1.8 to 2.4 meters. The top speed of a golden eagle is 128 Km/p.

How Tall is a Bald Eagle?

Bald eagles can grow from 70 to 102 cm tall and can weigh between 3 to 6.3 kg. Whereas, their wingspan can measure from 1.8 to 2.3 meters. The top speed of a bald eagle is 120 Km/p.

How Much Weight Can a Bald Eagle Carry?

Bald eagles are known to record their name in the highest carrying capacity. The record was made by lifting a 6.8 kg mule deer.

How Far Can a Bald Eagle See?

An eagle has keen eyesight and can see 3 to 4 times farther than humans. They can see at a distance of 50 miles away.

Where Do Golden Eagle Live?

Golden eagles are distributed over a vast territory that covers Eurasia, northern Africa, and North America. The population of these eagles ranges from Alaska to Central regions, Mexico. In addition to this, a small number of golden eagles have been found in Eastern Canada, and there are distributed pairs inheriting in the eastern United States. However, these birds prefer to live in the grasslands, shrublands, woodlands, coniferous forests, and tundra.

Where Do Bald Eagles Live?

The bald eagle population is widely distributed that stretches from northern Mexico to the United States and Canada. These eagles prefer to live in various habitats from the deciduous forest of Quebec and New England. The bald eagle is the only eagle who is native to America. They can be seen in large water bodies along the sea coast, rivers, lakes, and coastal estuaries. 

Golden Eagle Diet:

Golden eagles are carnivorous, and they mainly feed on small mammals such as hares, rabbits, ground squirrels, and marmots. However, their usual menu includes fish, birds, and reptiles. Also, these eagles can sometimes feed on flying birds like cranes and geese.

Bald eagle diet:

Like golden eagles, bald eagles are also carnivorous, and as they are known as fish eaters, their primary food consists of fish. However, their diet can also include small species of birds, rabbits, reptiles, crabs, and amphibians. 

Golden Eagle Predators:

An adult golden eagle has no natural predator due to its impressive and massive size. However, its eggs and chicks do have some predators that include- hawks, bears, wolves, cougar, and other species of eagles. 

What Eats a Bald Eagle? (Bald eagle predators):

Being the giant North American bird, the bald eagle has very few natural predators. Though their eggs and chicks have several predators. Some of them include raccoons, ravens, black bears, wolverine, bobcat, hawks, crows, and owls. 

Juvenile Bald Eagle vs Golden Eagle: 

Golden Eagle Reproduction:

These eagles mate once in a lifetime. While rearing their young ones, golden eagles frequently move from one nest to another. The female golden eagle lay eggs between January and May, and the incubating period lies from 41 to 45 days. The chicks hatch out with intervals of several days. The chicks are fed by both the male and the female golden eagle. The hatchlings stay in the nest for 45 to 81 days after they leave the nest by hopping, walking, or falling out. 

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Bald Eagle Reproduction:

Bald eagles are also monogamous, which means they mate once in a lifetime of living together. Courtship is displayed by the bald eagles, which are impressive. They have also seen performing fight display. When the pair build the nest, then the eggs are laid. Both the male and the female take part in incubating the eggs that last for 34 to 36 days. When a chick is born, it nursed by both parents; at the age of 10 to 12 weeks, the chicks start flying. 

What is Special About a Bald Eagle? (Bald Eagle Facts)

  • A bald eagle has around 7000 feathers. When it loses a feather from one wing, it will lose a matching feather on the other wing.
  • Because of their sharp claws and high speed, these eagles can steal and hunt food from other birds and sometimes humans.
  • Despite its name bald eagle, the eagle is bald.
  • In Latin, the name of these species means white-headed sea eagle due to adults having white feathers.
  • Bald eagles lack a sense of smell but have a perfect knowledge of taste. If the food is spoiled, the eagle will not eat it. 
  • The bald eagle has been the national bird of the USA since 1782.
  • The bald eagle can cross the water body without swimming or flying. It will merely sit on water and rows itself using its wings.
  • According to the IUCN, these eagle species are classified as least concern. Around 70,000 bald eagles are surviving in North America. 

Golden Eagle vs Bald Eagle: Fight Comparison 

A fight between these two eagles would be exciting to witness, as both are equally competitive. Bald eagles mainly hunt and feed on fish while golden eagle hunt and feed on small mammals. The golden eagle size compared to bald eagle shows that bald eagles are bigger than golden eagles. However, the golden eagle is known to kill animals by crushing their bones. In a fight between golden and bald eagle, the golden eagle could win because of their determined and agile body structure.  

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