Dogs That Look Like Mops (Mop Haired Dog)

dogs that look like mops

All the animals surviving on this planet have unique features and qualities, and nature has given us so many different species. With the other animals and their species, there are some selected animals whom a human can pet. However, when we talk about pets, the first animal in our mind is a dog. Though people also pet cats, birds, rabbits, and others, their first preference is always a canine. People want to have a dog as their pet because of their friendly, loving, and protecting nature. Dogs are known as man’s best friends; they stay loyal to their families throughout their life. 

However, not all dogs are similar. The only thing common in all the dog breeds is that they all are loyal to their owners. Canines might be the only animal in the list of favorites of teenagers, adults, and even older. Now, among numerous dog breeds, some breeds are cute and adorable, like Golden Retriever, Yorkshire Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Shiba Inu, etc. While there are some other breeds, also look quite weird. Today, we will discuss some dogs that look like mops.

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What Are the Dogs That Look Like Mops?

You might have seen a shaggy dog at the park, perhaps a dog that looks like a mop, and might think what kind of breed it is? Let’s learn about mop-haired dog breeds. But before that, let us understand why these dogs have mopped-like hair. 

The mop hair either occurs naturally in some dogs or gets developed in others. The undercoat and topcoat combine with natural mop dogs as they grow in round form, rope-like cords. Simultaneously, some other mop dogs have curled coats of hair connected to create a felt-like texture. When these coats are separated from the skin, the mats can grow into a mop-like appearance. These dog breeds usually don’t need to take a bath more than 2-3 times a week. Because of their mopped hair, they do not shed and do not require brushing.

Though separating the cords is necessary to ensure that the dog’s hair does not get tangled. 

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What Breed of a Dog Looks Like a Mop? (Mop Hair Dog)

Followings are the breeds that look likes mop hair dogs– 


Komondor is the first dog breed that might click in your mind when you think of mop-looking dog breeds. The Komondor is a Hungarian breed, bred to guard sheep against wolves and poachers. The harsh coats of this breed protect the dog from Hungarian winter and the sharp teeth of predators. As guard dogs, Komondors are very independent and protective of their owners, but they are suspicious. The dog breed is an excellent choice for experienced dog owners; the dog is good with older children because they require plenty of exercise. If we talk about their beautiful coats, they will occur naturally, and the skins begin to bundle up at about 9 to 10 months. Splitting the knots makes them grow out into cute mopish cords that make them even more adorable.


Puli is a breed that looks similar to Komondor; the Puli breed also looks like a mop. Unlike their thickly corded cousins, Puli’s chord is thinner. The chording in this breed results from the entangling of their inner and outer coats. Like Komondor, Puli’s purpose was to be a great shepherd dog. Their mopish coats range from black, silver, and white, but their coats can be distinguished from their cousins. Puli’s are smaller than Komondor, as they weigh between 25-35 pounds. Puli’s are intelligent, cute, and loyal dog breeds that need lots of exercise for physical and mental well-being. 

Bergamasco Shepherd-

Originating from the Italian Alps, these shaggy dogs were bred to guard and herd sheep. The breed has named after a province just north of Milan; these canines had covered in three coats. Their coats have made of dog, wool, and goat hairs, which mate together. As their coats had been designed to regulate their temperature, so they should not be shaved. The mats and cords regulate the dog’s body temperature in the summer and winter of the Alps. Their shaggy coats also fall over their eyes, both protective and adorable, preventing the pup’s eyes from snow blindness. The Bergamasco Shepherd is a social dog; they can develop an individual relationship with each family member. 

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Spanish Water Dog-

Though related to Portuguese water dogs, a Spanish water dog is a different breed. Initially, they were initially bred as herding dogs, but they are among the cutest mop-looking dog breeds. Their coats are curly and woolly and can be developed into a tight mop-like cord. Spanish water dogs have single coats, which means they have fewer thin undercoats. Like other mop-looking dogs discussed above, Spanish water dogs are also an intelligent and active breed. As their name suggests, the dog breed loves to wet their coats in water; the only thing you need to remember is to completely dry out their wet mops. 


These dogs are little bundles of fun who are native to Cuba. Though their coats are mop-looking, they have soft and long mats that mate easily. Because of this quality, they fall into adorable-looking dogs that look like mop. With their cute button eye and round nose, they are quite charming and attractive dog breeds. The Havanese is a cute, small, and friendly dog that makes them a great city dog. Havanese with dreadlocks need regular grooming, including cleaning their ears. 


Dogs with dreads may need frequent grooming and extra care because of their long, hairy, and tangles coats. But that doesn’t mean they do not look cute, lovable, and adorable. Mentioned above are only a few mop-looking dog breeds that we have discussed. But many other species have shaggy and mop-like coats. All these hairy breeds are loyal and active and result in a good pet companion. 

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