Dog Pregnancy Test (Home Pregnancy Test For Dogs)

dog pregnancy test

There are many ways by which you get to know that your pet is expecting puppies. You can get these tests online or from pet pharmacies. Sometimes it’s hard to detect, especially by an inexperienced owner. Some dogs may slightly lack appetite during their first few weeks of pregnancy. A mild decrease in their activities can highly be observed when your dog begins to go through hormonal changes in its body. The growth of their nipples will be the early sign, most pregnant dog’s nipples will start looking slightly bigger and some of their early parts, during their pregnancy.

Pregnancy in dogs is comparatively short as compared to humans. They are only having for a total of nine weeks only, but that doesn’t mean those days are normal and easy, each day of their pregnancy matters. So it’s very important for you to know that your dog is having a safe pregnancy or not. so, you have to get yourself ready for the pregnancy test for dogs. There is no Worry anymore because we have given a piece of full information in this article that includes every detail you need to know about the dog pregnancy test.

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Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

The dog’s pregnancy can be determined by a number of symptoms. You should watch out for these symptoms only if your dog is not being altered, and has been recently in the heat period, and had contact with male dogs. During the cycle of the heat, the dog has a particularly fertile time during which she can procreate. The duration of this is during the 7th and 10th days of their high temperatures(during the bleeding time).

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Some of the main Symptoms during the dog pregnancy are:-

Weight Gain:

Gaining weight around the belly(abdomen), during their first few weeks, followed by a visible increase of desires. It is normal in dogs to put on the extra weight and pounds during their pregnancy time. An enlarged abdomen is one of the most important symbols of your dog’s pregnancy. This commonly takes place in the later stages of dog pregnancy. So, if you start noticing the large size of the belly or enlarged abdomen along with some of the other signs, it’s time to see the vet. Usually, this weight gain is seen until after the starting of seven weeks of pregnancy.

Nipple Enlargement:

During the early stages of pregnancy, the female dog’s nipples also enlarge in size and they grow bigger. Due to the high and increasing flow of blood, you may also notice a change in the color of their nipples. Your dog’s nipples can change color as they will slightly become dark red than the usual color. During the later stages of your dog’s pregnancy, their nipples may leak some of the milk occasionally.

Behavioral Changes:

The dogs are very protective of their coming baby so they start to secure the surroundings and comfortable spots and places for their newborn puppies. During the later stages of pregnancy, you may notice your dog begin to rip out blankets, bedding, and other available materials to create a nest, they start to make a nested type look for their puppies nearby them. She may collect the toys in the safe area or wherever she lives. During this time, your female dog may also feel anxious, irritable, and get very protective about themselves and their puppies. Sometimes they become calmer in behavior. They will sit silently in their native places and sleep for a long time.

Loss of Appetite:

With the changing hormones inside them, they started to eat sometimes more and sometimes less depending on their hormones. The appetite of a pregnant dog can change in various ways. This will depend on the pregnancy of the dog. During the early stages of pregnancy, you may notice a decrease or increase in her appetite. Your dog may eat less or even vomit periodically. She may also become choosy with the food. She will eat the food more than usual or sometimes she will not eat anything or less than the diet. However, she’s carrying cuties in her belly which requires more calories to grow properly. This appetite takes place due to changes in your dog’s hormones.

Less Activeness:

Sometimes you will notice less activeness in your dog. If you notice your female dog is getting lazy and less energetic day by day then it may be an indication that she is pregnant. The pregnant dog quickly becomes exhausted and spends more time taking sleep and napping, they become less active and prefer to sleep more. They will come back to their normal activity level after their puppies are born.

Strange Behavior:

A pregnant dog can sometimes behave so strangely with you as well as with others, their Strange behavior will show unusual and strange behavior to their peers. Some female dogs ask for extra attention, they want to get pampered, to be looked at, but in some cases, other dogs might live in isolation, they will keep themselves in the silent mode. She may start to feel irritated when somebody gives them attention and it can also tend to bite.

Some of these symptoms may indicate different diseases in the dog and some dogs may also experience pseudo pregnancies(false pregnancy). 

Sometimes you can also test their pregnancy at home. Home pregnancy tests for dogs with the help of witness relaxing that can be purchased online and used by intent owners to determine whether their pet is pregnant or not. These tests can be performed as early as 19-20 days after the luteinizing hormone stage. You should wait for at least three weeks after your dog concludes her heat cycle before attempting to use a home pregnancy test, waiting for this will ensure your results are reliable. But you should always do your dog’s home pregnancy test, with the guidance of their doctor only, because sometimes we don’t know the process so that can be very harmful to your dogs as well as for their puppy also. So it’s better to be done in the vet clinic with the doctors themselves.

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Some of the List Of Dog Pregnancy Test Kits

There are many signs of dog pregnancy that can be unnoticed by their owners. It Is very important to understand the options that are available for the correct dog pregnancy testing with all the safety things to keep in mind.

Here are some of the facilities for you in the selection of the best dog pregnancy detection kit for your best friend.

Here are the top seven best dog pregnancy test kits of 2020:-

Novodog sticks for Ovulation (which Finds The Best time to Breed for your dog.)

Most dogs are ovulating between 10 and 14 days after the start of their season but some dogs can ovulate as early as day 5 and as late as day 21. The ideal time for mating is 2 days after their ovulation, which can not be determined without an indication. These Ovulation Sticks can help you to know when is the right and optimum time for mating should be a good decision.

  • NovoDog Ovulation Sticks measure directly the enzymes that are affected when the level of glucose in the dogs is increasing.
  • Be aware. These Ovulation Sticks will change their color when they feel that your dog’s estrogen levels are going high.
  • You should start testing the dog from the beginning and starting off her season.
  • The Stick color will change when the level of estrogen will increases. Then you will get to know that the dog will ovulate within 3 to 8 days.
  • when the Ovulation Stick does not change color then you should remind that maybe there the estrogen level falls or maybe just slightly. Then you know that your dog is ovulating within the next few days.
  • Two days is the approximate time for their optimal mating. 

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TABODD Dog Ovulation Detector Automatic Tester kits for Breeders

This is one of the best and optimal times for mating. This device will save you money and time to visit the vet. The package includes a Dog Ovulation Detector, a portable carry case, and a user manual, which helps to eliminate problems associated with disorders during the heat.

  • Eliminate and help with the cost for the vets and  Repeat Mating time.
  • Gives you the right Identification of Ovarian Cycle Disorder, silent Heat, and false heat.
  • Will-less the problems associated with heating the disorder heating.
  • Help full in Time Saving and minimize the cost of Visits to the Vet.
  • Includes user Manual
  • Detects the optimal time of mating

Ruby Dogs Cats Early Pregnancy Test Strips Kits

These detection test strips for pregnant dogs give a reliable estimate of the pregnancy status for the dog. It detects your dog’s pregnancy in the early of 19-20 days and then offers you exact results with the help of only one operation. A single set of test cards provides all the test spendable.

You need to collect the fresh stock of blood or serum for the testing of pregnancy. The results will appear quickly, which is very excellent news for those who feel anxious about the outcome.

  • Dog and cat early pregnancy test card.
  • Quick pregnancy test, accurate and sensitive.
  • Simple operation, save time and worry.
  • High quality, safe and hygienic, clean.
  • No environmental requirements, easy to use.
  • It will dig up the pregnancy in their early 20 days.
  • Do not need refrigeration.
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Giraffe-X Dog Ovulation Detector (For Dogs Which Helps In Test Kit)

  • First, you have to clean the probe after and before use (must ensure the cleanliness of the probe, do not use disinfectant, alcohol, and other disinfection products)
  • Fixing this inside the dog and then insert this probe into the position of their cervix (reference standard: small dog 2-3CM/medium dog 5-7cm/large dog 8-9cm)
  • Once it is inserted into it, it will be rotated for about 450 degrees – 700degrees, and stay for the fixed style to not move in between. Click the switch button, that data will display will you, after that again click to the click switch button, then the data will be retrieved. The third and last click on the switch will give you the result of the third set of data.

Synbiotics Canine and Feline Pregnancy Detector Test Kits

This pregnancy kit will be used early in the detection of planned or unplanned pregnancies. It also gives you the result for false pregnancy or diagnoses resorption or impulsive abortion.

This test kit comes in five packs, which makes it economical and super accurate. If you need regular testing, this is the way to go.

  • Early detection of planned or unplanned pregnancy
  • Detection after and before abortion treatment in pregnancy.
  • Early detection of false pregnancy
  • Diagnose fetal resorption or spontaneous abortion
  • No refrigeration required

Draminski DOD2 Deluxe Dog Ovulation Detector

This is an ideal device for breeders who experience problems with their dog mating. By doing this simple method, ovarian cycle disorders can be detected by the breeder, and gives you the perfect date of mating for your dogs, even after your external symptoms will fail you to indicate that.

The kit includes an Ovulation Detector, a transport case inside it there is a foam, USB interface, 5 AA-type batteries, and a manual for users.

  • Measurements are easy to make
  • It comes with a user manual.
  • Powered by four batteries
  • Includes transport case with a foam insert Completely safe

JINGBO Pet Pregnancy Test Kit, Dogs Health Wellness Care for Dogs & Cats Quick Early Detection of Pregnancy CheckUp Kit

  • It is fast and gives you results in 15 minutes. The operation is simple, clean, and hygienic. 
  • Each test card provides all the consumables used, please shake the blood collection tube properly after use.
  • The first test time is 20 days after breeding, if the two lines show you in the dedication area that means a positive, the C/T line will display two red lines. The result is pregnancy.
  • If your first test time is within 24 +2 days, a line appears in the test area then it is impossible to know whether or not you are pregnant. The second test is done a week after the interval. If a line is still visible then the dog is not pregnant, but if there are two lines, then it’s a piece of positive news.


Dogs are the most loving pets in the world, people always feel happy to love them around. Dogs always love to be loved as well, especially when they are expecting puppies, there are some famous test kits given in the above article which can help you for handling your dog pregnancy very smoothly in a proper manner and with all the precautions.

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