Dog Breeds for Apartments (Best Dog Breeds for Apartments)

dog breeds for apartments

Nowadays, everyone wants to pet a dog so that they will find a companion in him. But getting a dog is a significant step; one has to consider all the necessary things related to the pup. You wish to have a dog that becomes adaptable to your life and routine and, of course, which will fit in your home. We all know dogs are active animals, and they need more space to play and run. Those having a backyard in their house are not likely to think much about the size of the dog. The question here arises for the apartment dwellers, who do not have enough space but want to get a dog.

Well, there are many dog breeds for apartments to choose from while selecting a pet. The size of the apartment is not the only consideration because many large breed dogs have a low level of exercise and are happier in small spaces. Also, some other breeds are highly active and require more space. So, these are not suitable for apartment living.

Best Dog for First Time Owner in Apartments:

First-time pet owners, especially as a dog parent, there are a lot of things to consider. The energy level of the dog, the size of your residence, and the maintenance of its grooming. 

Following are some best apartment dogs breeds for first time owners-

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-

The breed is gentle, sweet, compassionate, friendly, and the perfect one for the first time owners. In terms of grooming and training, the dog is a relatively low maintenance breed. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel requires regular exercise, and they are well responsive to training. Little grooming is necessary for them to ensure their coats don’t get entangled. These medium-sized breed gets perfectly fitted in the apartments.

Shih Tzu-

This playful and easy-going dog, is ideal for both apartment living and for first-time owners. The dog is loving with owners and children and makes a good companion. The breed is easy to train and requires regular exercise only. Shih Tzu needs a minimal amount of grooming for their coats. The breed is highly adapted to the apartment lifestyle.


Though greyhound needs more exercise and run time, they are also adoptive to the apartment livings. The breed is an intelligent and quick learner, also have a low habit to bark and howl. The only drawback with this breed is that they shed some fur, so you may have to keep on cleaning them.

Bichon Fries-

This small breed is an ideal choice for dog owners, due to their small size they need less space. Their coats shed less, which means they require less grooming. Bichon fries are friendly dogs and get comfortable with the new owner and their family. They are quick learners and have a low tendency to bark, which makes them adapt to different lifestyles.


Poodle belongs to the water dog group, which means fewer shedders, which makes it easier to maintain. Poodles are found in three different sizes, miniature, toy, and standard; this means one can choose the breed according to their apartment. The breed is a highly intelligent and quick response to the training.

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Medium-Sized Apartment Dogs:

English Bulldog-

The English bulldog is an excellent breed for medium-sized apartment owners, but it is also one of the most expensive dog breeds. The breed needs regular exercise and is less aggressive too. The breed breathes and snorts heavily, and they require air conditioning because of their sensitivity to heat and humidity. Due to this reason apartment is perfect for them.


The breed is kind, affectionate, and playful; only they need to get trained for socializing. Some dogs of this breed are prone to skin allergies, which can be a significant drawback in them, and also, the breed is not suitable for the first time dog owner.

Standard Schnauzer-

The standard schnauzer is more of a guard dog than most families want in a small apartment. They are easy to train but can become destructive. The dog also needs more activity as they have a lot of energy to release. Grooming is less required as the coats are loose and can be removed during stripping or clipping.


The breed is shy, affectionate, and sweet, who only involves training to socialize. The breed is excellent for apartment dwellers, only needs regular cleaning as they have floppy ears. Brittany is only concerned with some health issues such as hip dysplasia. As the breed is very active, they need more exercise than regular.

Basset hound-

Basset hounds are popular for their affectionate and friendly nature with kids. They spend most of the time sleeping; the only drawback is that they always shed. The breed can be aggressive as they are food-driven and do not respond to wrong training techniques. Some dogs of this breed are prone to ear infection and eye problems.


The Whippet is the best suited medium-sized dog for an apartment lifestyle. The breed is active and needs regular activity; they are good watchdogs. Whippet sheds less, which ultimately leads to less grooming. Whippets are a healthy breed, so they have a useful lifespan. The breed can occasionally get affected by eye problems and hip dysplasia.

Large Dog Breed for Apartments:

English mastiff-

English Mastiff is one of the largest breeds that require more space, more meals, and exercise. But at the same time, the breed is also well-suited for apartment dwellers due to their calmness. The dog needs enough activities to release his energy, and also they need brushing once a week to keep their coats clean and healthy.

The Greyhound-

The Greyhound is the best choice for city dwellers, as the breed is less aggressive. The only needs to get enough exercise, and they will rest on their couch for the rest of the day. The dog has short coats that are easy to keep clean and maintain.

The Great Dane-

Great Dane uses a small space to live despite its massive body. They only need plenty of exercise and food. They are easy to train and are not excessive barkers. Their grooming may take a longer time due to their body size.

The Bullmastiff-

The Bullmastiff is grown by crossing English mastiff and medium-sized English bulldog. The breed is the right choice for the apartment lifestyle and for the first time owners also. The breed is less aggressive and does not bark much. They only need obedience training.

The Afghan Hound-

The Afghan hound is less concerned for apartment dwellers as they need a lot of exercise, and if not provided, they might develop behavioral changes. They also need regular grooming and brushing to prevent their hair from getting entangled.

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Aggressive Dog Breeds List for Apartments:

  • Doberman pinscher
  • German shepherds
  • Akita
  • Siberian huskies
  • Wolf-hybrids
  • Rottweiler
  • Pit bulls
  • Alaskan malamutes
  • Staffordshire terriers
  • Chows

Best Dog Breed for Apartment Living (Best Apartment Dogs):

Following are some best dog breeds for apartments


The Chihuahua is a Cute breed that loves to cuddle and is best suited for an apartment lifestyle. They are low maintenance dogs in terms of grooming and training. Chihuahua needs a small space to live; though they are loud, they can also become excellent watchdogs.


Pugs are super friendly breeds and are easy-going. They are great with kids and needs little grooming. The only drawback is that Pugs are prone to overheating.


The Dachshund is a famous apartment dog in India, known for its active temperament and loyalty to the owner. Due to its short legs, the breed needs minimal exercise.


Bulldogs are easy to take care of; they are responsive to training and are very lazy dogs. Walking is the only activity which can make them happy; they prefer to live indoors. Only keep at this point they are sensitive to excess heat.


They are so glad living indoors as a family member; they need regular exercise to keep themselves healthy and fit.

Indian Spitz-

The breed is often confused as Pomeranian, but Indian Spitz is common apartment dogs found in India. They are friendly, active, and intelligent. They can also grow on a variety of dietary food. Only the negative point is their silky fur needs to be taken care of frequently.


Golden and Labrador retrievers are great apartment dogs who are highly intelligent, energetic, and easy to train. They are friendly with people of all age groups. They only need regular grooming and exercise. 

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