Deer vs Antelope vs Gazelle (Difference Between Antelope and Gazelle)

deer vs antelope

Humans always get confused between antelope and gazelle. Deer can easily get recognized. Antelope and gazelle are members of the Bovidae family while deer belong to the Cervidae family. Gazelle can be antelopes, but not all antelopes are considered as gazelles. Here, we will compare deer Vs antelope Vs gazelle and conclude who will win if a fight took place between all these animals.

Difference Between Antelope and Gazelle:

  • Antelopes are a large and diverse group of Bovidae family which are native to Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and North America. There are about 90 species of antelope out of which 25 are classified as endangered.
  • The largest antelope specie is the giant Eland that measures 6 feet tall and weighs up to 1450 pounds. On the other hand, the smallest species is the royal antelope which is 10 to 12 inches in height.
  • Gazelles are thin antelopes that are endemic to Asia and Africa. However, they can be identified by their curved, ringed horns. There are around 19 species of gazelles in which Speke gazelle and Thomson gazelle being the smallest one.
  • They measure only 20 to 43 inches and weigh between 26 to 165 pounds. The largest specie is the Dama gazelle that weighs from 88 to 165 pounds and grows between 4.5 to 5.5 feet tall.
  • The antelopes inherit in a wide variety of habitat which includes savannahs, woodlands, marshes, rainforests, swamps, deserts, and steppes.
  • Most of the gazelle species live in hot, dry savannahs and deserts of Asia and Africa. Only the Edmi gazelle specie is known to habitat in the mountains. However, the species migrates to a warmer region during winters.
  • As the gazelles live in deserts, they can shrink their heart and liver to stay hydrated. According to research, breathing can cause an animal to lose more water, and a smaller core and liver will require less oxygen.

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Antelope vs Gazelle:

Antelope and gazelle are hoofed animals that belong to the same family. All the other members of the family that are not classified as sheep, cattle, buffalo, bison, and goat are known as antelopes. Many of the antelopes and gazelles species are classified as endangered because of its excessive hunting, destruction of habitat. Although, both antelopes and gazelles are a symbol of beauty, agility, and speed. 

Following are the aspects of differences between both the mammals-


The horns of both the antelopes and gazelles are hollow that last throughout their entire life. Both the male and female gazelles have horns, and their more massive horns can determine the male. Their horns are broad at the bottom, slightly curved backward, and are covered with black rings that have sharp points. In contrast to gazelles, only a few female species of antelopes have horns. The male antelopes have Lyra or S-shaped spiral depending upon the species they possess small as well as large horns. 


The body color of both the species is different gazelles generally have a light, yellowish color. Their body color pair up with the color of the environment and provides camouflage to them. Although they have white-colored rump which is visible to their predators, when they sense any danger, they jump high in the air and expose their white rump. On the other hand, antelopes have dark-colored on the dorsal side of the body and white color on the ventral side. However, many antelopes have grey, black and white and zebra-like stripes and while some others have black or grey body with a white face. 


Gazelles are faster than antelopes, while the antelope can run at a speed of 35 mph gazelles can reach up to 60 mph. 

Difference Between Deer and Antelope:

The primary difference between an antelope and deer is that male deer have antlers which they shed and grow again every year while the antelopes have permanent horns. One more difference is that the antlers of deer diverge while it is not in case of an antelope’s permanent horns.

Antelope’s horn is covered with a secure and thick layer of dead horn tissue. The size and shape of their horn much depend on types of species. Some of the species have twisted, spiral, or longhorns while others have ridges.

The antlers of deer contain spongy vascular tissue which is covered with skin known as velvet. When the antlers become mature, their skin falls off and turns into hard bone. After the breeding season, the antlers shed every year.

Gazelle vs Deer:

Gazelle and deer are two different members of different families. They possess many distinct differences between them.

The following are some of the significant differences between mammals.

  • Gazelles come from a Bovidae family while deer belongs to the Cervidae family.
  • The body size of deer varies in wide range whereas gazelles do not differ much in weights.
  • The gazelle can run at a faster speed as compared to deer.
  • Stotting behavior of gazelle is very well known, when predators came close to them, they leap vertically in the air and arch their back. However, deer do not perform such stotting behavior.
  • The life span of gazelle is small as compared to most of the deer species.Species.

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Deer vs Antelope vs Gazelle:

Deer vs Antelope vs Gazelle fight would be fantastic to watch because deer and antelope are known to run from their predators, but as we have seen, gazelles have the fastest speed compared to both of them. Also, the slotting behavior is only observed in gazelles and not in deer and antelopes. In a fight between all these three animals, the excellent fighting tool is their horns and antlers. We cannot conclude who will win as all can give fair competition. However, if we consider body length, weight, and running speed, then gazelles have more chances of winning.