Crow vs Raven (Difference Between Crow and Raven)

crow vs raven

Crow vs raven both belong to the same genus Corvus. There is no such significant distinction between both the birds. The names crow and raven have been given to them based on their sizes. The Corvus genus is a collection of medium-sized birds that are widely distributed. All the birds belonging to this family come in black color but distinguish in sizes. Crows are usually smaller than ravens. Also, the social behavior of ravens differs from the crow, as ravens travel in pairs while the crows travel in large groups. Let us compare both the birds in detail and see if there is any difference between a crow and a raven?

What does a Crow Look Like?

Crows are large birds with long legs and massive, straight bills. These birds are black, including their feet and legs. Crows have distinct feathers on their upper back. They are known for their intelligence and adaptability. And also for their loud and harsh “caws.” The feathers of a crow are less shiny and have lighter markings. 

What does a Raven Look Like?

Many people will not be even able to distinguish between both birds. Those who know both the birds sometimes think are crows and ravens the same thing? But the fact is both differ in some criteria. 

Ravens are more significant than crows, and so they weigh more, have more enormous wingspans. When they fly their necks appear longer as compared to a crow. The bill of a raven is also more substantial than a crow. The feathers of a raven are shiny and wet sheen. 

Are Crows Bigger than Ravens?

Crow Size:

As there are around 40 species of a crow which differ in sizes. The American crow measures around 17 inches and the fish cow range about 19 inches. The average weight of crows is between 12 to 57 ounces. 

Raven size:

The common raven is larger and measures around 27 inches. The largest species is the red-tailed hawks that measure between 24 to 27 inches and weigh around 2.5 pounds. 

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Raven vs Crow Difference:

Crow habitat:

Crows are distributed across every environment, and because these birds are so adaptable, they can be found in an urban environment as well as every possible habitat. Crows prefer to live in forests, grasslands, agricultural areas, and farmlands. They can also be found in mountains, deserts, arctic tundra, and rocky cliffs. Different species of crow survive in diverse habitat, but individual species can adapt to several different environments as well. 

Different species of crow are distributed virtually worldwide. Common ravens are the most widespread of any bird in the crow family, and they can be found in Europe, Asia, some parts of Africa, North America, and Central America. 

Raven habitat:

Common ravens are widespread but do have preferred habitats. Ravens prefer to live in forests or wooded areas that have meadows or open fields nearby. They also seem to live in coastal habitats. While they stay away from close interaction with people, they will live near human establishments and take advantage of the food sources available. 

Common ravens can be seen across the entire northern hemisphere. They range from the Arctic Circle to Central America, North America, and Asia. They have been found at altitudes up to 20,000 feet on Mount Everest. Different subspecies of these birds are found as “residents” worldwide. 

Crow Diet:

Crows are omnivorous, and they feed on both plants and animals. They are considered scavengers and predators as well. Crows hunt on small animals like rats and mice, smaller birds, reptiles, and eggs. On the other hand, they also feed on the carrion of other dead animals. Crows are known to follow wolf packs, and they even alert them about the location of the prey. 

Raven Diet:

Being an omnivorous animal, they take advantage of any feeding opportunity offered to them. They feed on the carrion of animals and hunt small rodents like mice, rats, and voles, insects, reptiles, and hatchlings. Ravens also eat nuts, berries, and fruit. 

Crow vs Raven Tail:

The tail of the crow is fan-shaped whereas the rear of the raven is wedged-shaped. 

Raven vs Crow Intelligence:

Crow and Raven are both intelligent, but there seem to be subtle differences between how that intelligence exhibits. There is evidence to prove that ravens are better at pure intelligence based problem solving, while crows perform better when there is a social element task. 

Both crows and ravens are extremely intelligent with a wide variety of problem-solving skills that give them a significant survival edge. Ravens are near the top in the list when it comes to logical thinking. They are capable of solving without being shown or learning from another bird. Ravens even can mimic humans. On the other hand, crows are successfully able to identify faces when some scientists conducted a study. 

Crow reproduction:

Different species of crow differ in their breeding patterns. Most of the crow species build a large nest using twigs and branches. They generally develop their nest 60 feet off the ground. The gestation period is about 18 days. 

Raven reproduction:

Ravens mate for their whole life and the choosing involves food gifts, showing skills and intelligence. Females will lay 3 to 7 eggs and incubate them for around 18 to 21 days. 

Crow Versus Raven: Fight Comparison

As both the birds belong to the same family, the chances are fewer that they will get into a fight. But even if it happens, ravens have higher chances of winning because of its size. Also, ravens are smarter and intelligent than crows. However, it is also observed that crows gang up to move ravens away, maybe because they prey on crows. In any circumstances, ravens will easily win against a crow.

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