Colossal vs Giant Squid (Are Colossal Squids Endangered)

Colossal Squid | giant squid

Squid is a marine Cephaliopodes and one of the most highly developed creatures with a stretched body, large eyes, eight arms, and two tentacles

Giant Squid:

Giant squids belong to the family of architeuthidae; it is the largest squid species and also the largest invertebrate on the planet. It also remains a mysterious creature as it lives in very cold and deep water, which is not approachable for scientists and divers.

Image source: Giphy

Scientific Name of Giant Squid:

Giant squid bionomical is known as architeuthis

Size of Giant Squid:

An ever recorded size of a giant squid by scientists was almost 43 feet and weighed nearly one ton. However, the average size of a male giant squid is 33 feet, and females measure up to 39 feet. Giant squids express sexual dimorphism.

Biggest Squid in the World:

The colossal Squid is the biggest squid in the world.

Do Squid Have Teeth?

Yes Squid Have Teeth. The sharp beak of a giant squid consists of a tongue-like organ, which is called the radula. The radula is covered with a row of tiny teeth.

Giant Squid Colour:

The skin of the Giant Squid is covered with chromatophores, which helps them to change its color according to the surroundings. Due to some bioluminescent organs present in them, some species of giant squids can glow in the dark.

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Types of Giant Squid: 

Source: Giphy

There are eight different species of a giant squid-

  1. Architeuthis dux
  2. Architeuthis Hartingii
  3. Architeuthis japonica
  4. Architeuthis kirkii
  5. Architeuthis Martensi
  6. Architeuthis Physeteris
  7. Architeuthis Sancti Pauli
  8. Architeuthis Stockii 

Interesting Giant Squid Facts

  • Giant Squid can be as long as a school bus.
  • Giant squids feed on fish, shrimps, and other squids. It is believed that a giant squid can attack and eat small whales.
  • Giant squids have large eyes whose diameter is around 10 inches; they can detect their prey in the lightness surrounding.
  • Squids can be found in almost every fresh and saltwater body on the planet.
  • Giant squids live in the depth of the water, which can be at least 1000 feet below the surface.
  • Squids have three hearts, and the blood color of the Squid is blue.
  • The jaws of a giant squid are shaped like a parrot beak.
  • The sperm whale is the only known predator of a giant squid.
  • The group of a giant squid is called school.
  • The male giant Squid delivers the sperm into the intestinal of the female giant Squid, which she stores until the time of reproduction.
  • The first-ever photo of a giant squid was taken in the year 1874.

Colossal Squid vs Giant Squid:

Source: Giphy
  • Giant Squid is a marine inveterate, who belongs to the family of architeuthdae. Colossal Squid is a bigger squid than giant Squid who belongs to the genus of mesonychoteuthis.
  • The colossal squid is slightly shorter than the giant squid. The size of a giant squid is 43 feet, whereas the colossal Squid measures up to 39 to 46 feet.
  • The arms and tentacles of a giant squid have suckers lined with tiny teeth, the arms and limbs of a colossal squid have sharp revolving hooks.
  • The beaks of the colossal Squid are the most massive beaks among all the species of squids, including the giant Squid.
  • The range of colossal Squid extends from the north of Antarctica to southern America. The North Atlantic Ocean is home to many species.

Are Colossal Squids Endangered?

In an ongoing examination, researchers reported that the colossal squid is a type of least concern.

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