Cheetah vs Hyena (How Fast Can a Hyena Run)

cheetah vs hyena

The Cheetah is a large cat who belongs to the Felinea sub-family. It is the fastest land animal on earth. The name of cheetah comes from a Sanskrit word ‘Chitraka’ which means the one with spots. The fastest land animal has a long, slender body which is covered with unique black spots distributed across its tan coats. They have around 2000 to 3000 spots on their body which help them to camouflage themselves.

Cheetah Facts:

Cheetahs are built for speed with long, thin legs and long tail. Their coats are short and coarse with yellowish-tan color. The tear-shaped strike on the face which are black helps them to reflect the sun while hunting.

The long, thin body and sturdy legs with a flexible spine allow them to stretch their bodies when they run fast and cover the ground with each rapid stride.

Cheetahs can even turn quickly while in midair through their long tail. And also their semi-flexible claws help them to take sudden turns. Their camouflage coats help them to get blended with the environment while resting. Also, it helps in hiding from predators or stalking the prey.

Male cheetahs live in groups while females are solitary. A female cheetah gets to socialize with the male-only at the time of mating and then raise the cubs alone.

How Do Cheetahs Grow?

A female cheetah can deliver between three to five cubs after the gestation of 3 months. The new cub weighs between 5 to 10 pounds; all the cubs are born with spots and long mane called mantles on their neck and shoulders. However, as they grow older, their hair gets disappeared. 

Cheetahs spend their daytime and dusk in stalking and catching the prey. Unlike, other big cat cheetah does not attack directly on the prey’s throat, but will run up to them and smack over them. With their strong jaws, they suffocate the prey by clenching down on the throat.

Like other big cats, the cheetah cannot roar, but they can purr like other house cats. Other than purring, they can produce a broad vocal range of chirping, stuttering, hissing, and yelping. Each vocalization of a cheetah has a specific meaning for instance, when mother cheetah gave instructions to her cubs or when a female cheetah tries to attract a male cheetah to mate, they use several types of chirping.

Are Cheetah’s Endangered?

According to the IUCN red list of threatened species, cheetahs are considered as vulnerable.

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Hyena Information:

Hyenas are large mammals who belong to the Hyaenidae family. Although many people compare them with dogs, they are more like cats. There are four species of the hyena, which have distinct features, and size. They are spotted hyena, striped hyena, brown hyena and Aardwolf.

The spotted hyena is the most abundant species among hyenas in which spotted females are quite heavier than the males. Their coats have gray, sandy or yellowish color. They have a dark brown body with black spots on most of their bodies.

Interesting Hyena Facts:

Brown hyena is the second largest species; they have long, furry hair which is dark brown or black on the body and tan on shoulder and neck. They also have short hair on the legs, face and ears, which makes them distinguished from other species of hyenas.

Striped hyenas have black stripes on their head, body and legs. These hyenas have long hair that is gray to straw colored, and their muzzle is also black. Aardwolves are the smallest species of hyenas who resemble striped hyenas as they both have similar fur and color texture.

Hyenas are highly social animals who live in groups called clans. The clan consists of 80 members. Female hyenas are dominant and aggressive in nature and rank higher than males in the clan. Although, the clans of brown, striped and aardwolves have male dominating clans.

Like cheetahs, the ovulation period of hyenas is around three months, after which they deliver two to four cubs. All the mothers in the clan share the responsibility of nursing each other’s cubs.

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Are Hyena’s Endangered?

Under the IUCN red list, hyenas are classified as near-threatened species.

How Fast Can a Cheetah Run?

A Cheetah can run at a speed of 40 mph.

How Fast Can a Hyena Run?

A Hyena can run at a speed of 37 mph.

Cheetah Vs Hyena:

Scientific name-
The scientific name of the cheetah is Acinonyx Jubatus.

The scientific name of the hyena is Hyaenidae.
The average size of the cheetah is 3.6 to 4.6 feet without a tail.

The largest hyena species can reach 35 inches in height.
The average weight of a cheetah is between 77 to 143 pounds.
The average weight of a hyena is 90 pounds.
Diet-A Cheetah can feed on small to medium-sized animals such as the wild beast, impalas, hares, gazelles, and calves.Hyenas have known scavengers that can kill and eat birds, lizards, snakes, and insects.
Habitat-Cheetah habitat in a variety of habitats like dry forests, savannas, and scrublands. Hyena habitat in savannas, dry forests, and grasslands of Asia and Africa.
Predators- Lions spotted hyenas, leopards, eagles, and human beings are the cheetah predators.Lions, hunting dogs, and human beings are the hyena predators.
The average lifespan of a cheetah is 10 to 12 years in the wild, while in captivity it can live for 20 years or more.

The average lifespan of hyena is 10 to 12 years in the wild and more than 25 years in captivity.

Cheetah vs Hyena Fight:

Both cheetah and hyena are aggressive animals; we know cheetah is the fastest animal on earth. But hyena is more powerful and agile than a cheetah. Hyena has strong jaws, and they have a strong build as compared to the cheetah. It is quite possible, then a hyena can take the cheetah down because of its power and tough body. But one cannot forget that cheetah has camouflage spots that helps them to blend with the environment. Though, it is all the matter of chance that who would win in a fight between both of them.

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