Can Dogs Have Lemon? Is Citrus Toxic to Dogs?

can dogs have lemon

Various people can suggest what foods are safe for dogs and what food items can harm them. However, your dog trusts you and will eat anything you will offer, not even thinking about its taste. Also, with all the dog videos on YouTube, you might have seen some video shots or misinforming videos showing a dog owner feeding lemon to their little pup. While these videos can seem funny and harmless at the same time, feeding lemon to your dog or allowing your puppy to lick lemon is not something you should practice. So, let’s discuss can dog eat lemon

Can Dogs Have Lemon?

Though lemons are not poisonous for dogs like other fruits, a small amount of lemon would likely not create any harm to your dog, but excessive consumption of the citrus fruit can lead to gastrointestinal issues. However, all citrus fruit contains an organic chemical compound known as psoralens. The combination can be found throughout lemon, but its highest concentration can be seen in its skin, seeds, and pith. Because your dog trusts you, the dog may taste or even eat a lemon when you offer him. But the lemon flavor is not something that your pup can enjoy. Dogs who eat or licks lemon can have a strong reaction to the taste.

In a word, dogs can have a lemon but only in moderate quantities. If the dog consumes lemon in large amounts, it can suffer from various gastrointestinal problems. If you are wondering how many lemons your dog can have, the answer is it will depend on your canine size. Smaller dog breeds can have a bit of it, while larger dog breeds can get a little bit more, but eating a larger number of lemons can be dangerous for your pet. If your dog consumes lemon in large quantities, you can observe some symptoms of how dogs react to lemons.

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What Happens If a Dog Eats Lemon?

If your canine eats lemon in larger quantity, you need to look out for the following signs or symptoms-

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Irritation around and inside the mouth 
  • Drooling
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Lethargy
  • Dermatitis

Although, depending on the breed and their physiology, it can even result in death. If you observe the above symptoms, you need to contact the vet immediately. After getting to the vet, the first thing you must do is wash your dog’s mouth with water. If the vet suggests, induce vomiting. Also, search for a new place to store lemons where your pup cannot reach. If you have a lemon tree around your house, try to fence the area. 

Can Dogs Have Lemon Juice?

Though lemons are not so beneficial or healthy for your canine but have you wondered, can lemon juice hurt a dog? Like lemon, the lemon juice can be ok for your pup when you give it in moderate quantity. It is because the excess amount of acidity in lemon juice might cause your dog some stomach problems. However, to some extent, the same properties prove to be beneficial for your little creature. Let us discuss some of the health benefits of lemon juice for dogs-

  • Lemon juice is a refreshing drink, so when you add a bit of lemon juice to your dog’s water, it will help your dog recover from fatigue and provide some energy. In addition to this, lemon juice also helps to resist lousy breath. Also, a little bit of lemon juice can help with the dog’s digestion. 
  • Fleas always get attached to dogs, and it is quite challenging to get rid-off of it. Here, lemon juice can help to remove fleas from your dog. However, many dog owners search from many home-remedies to get fleas out from their dog’s body. Lemon juice is the most effective and readily available home remedy. Boil some slices of lemon or directly use lemon juice to treat flea problems for your four-legged buddy. 
  • The benefit of lemon juice is not only limited to flea repellent, but it can also be used as a cleanser for your dog’s coat. To get more benefit, mix lemon juice with apple cider vinegar or green tea to get shiny coats of your dog.
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Can Dogs Drink Lemon Water?

We can now conclude that lemons given in moderate quantities can be safe for dogs; the only thing you require to remember is that lemons given in larger amounts can prove to be dangerous for your dog’s health. Whether in pure form or juice form, Lemon can be safe for dogs only when given in moderate quantities. It is because lemon is a citrus fruit, the taste of which your dog cannot love. However, if we talk about lemon water, your dog can have lemon water with a few sips because it is diluted and will not upset the dog’s stomach. 

The benefit of drinking lemon water for a dog is that it can help their digestion, regain their energy, and keep them hydrated. But again, moderation is the key that you must keep in mind. If you are confused that can lemon juice kill dogs? Lemons in larger quantities can be dangerous for your dog’s health. 


Not only lemons but if you think is citrus toxic to dogs? All citrus fruits have essential oils and a chemical pound that are toxic to a dog’s health. But lemons have few benefits for dogs; the acidic juice present in lemons helps prevent fleas, get rid of lousy breath, and provide shiny coats. So, lemons given in moderated quantity will not hurt your canine. 

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