Can Dogs Drink Powerade (Powerade For Dogs)

can dogs drink powerade

It’s usual for humans to have any sports drink after doing a heavy workout. Because they know that hard work consumes their system of vital electrolytes, which these sports drinks can fulfill, but can these sports drinks work for your canine also. It is so because dogs are also active as we are; they also need to regain their energy. They can lose their electrolytes, similar to humans. Today, we will learn about can dogs drink Powerade? In truth, a sip of Powerade will not hurt your canine; in fact, it will help your dog to remain hydrated. However, a large quantity of it will hurt your puppy, so you will need to find another source of providing hydration to your pup. 

Dogs generally do not sweat as much as we humans do, but their bodies are still made up of 60 percent of water. This means fluids are essential for dogs such as they are vital for humans. But the question here is- does Powerade or Gatorade safe for your canine? The simple answer is that when your dog is dehydrated, you can feed them with Powerade or Gatorade even if any other hydration source is not available. Few sips of the sports drink will not hurt your buddy. Powerade will provide hydration to your canine for a certain level. However, some ingredients in Powerade prevent it from being the best source of hydration for doggies. 

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Can A Dog Drink Gatorade?  

Dogs can drink Gatorade but only in moderation. Just like Powerade, Gatorade can provide hydration to your canine to a certain degree. But before feeding your puppy with Gatorade, you need to keep few things in mind-

  • Introduce Gatorade slowly-

When your canine is suffering from dehydration and is experiencing vomiting and diarrhea, you should try to slowly introduce water to your buddy, ideally a few sips at a time. Few drinks are better than a bowl of water, which can come out again and make the situation even worse. When you offer a few sips of water to your pup, you should wait for about 10 to 15 minutes to notice if the dog throws it up or not. If your buddy is not comfortable with drinking water, you can substitute water with Gatorade, but again you can give a moderate amount of Gatorade to your pup. Now, if you wonder, is Gatorade bad for dogs? You are thinking in the wrong direction as a bit of Gatorade will not hurt your buddy. While feeding Gatorade to your pup, take 50 percent of both water and Gatorade. But do not fill the bowl with the diluted solution as this can upset their stomach. Alternately you can also freeze the Gatorade and provide a small amount of it. 

  • Moderation is the key-

Anything given in larger quantities will undoubtedly lead to an upset stomach and other digestive issues in your canine. Remember, anything given in small amounts is better to avoid any health issues in your dog. However, a sports drink can help only up to a certain level; it can provide hydration to some extent only. 

Is Gatorade Safe for Dogs?

Earlier dog owners would not share any human food or drink with their pups thinking human food is safe for animals. However, as time moves on, some people believe that certain items they can share safely with their four-legged companions. Similarly, people also start trusting that if Gatorade can help humans with their electrolyte and hydration levels, it can also help the dogs. 

Though vets always recommend that a Gatorade can only be given to a sick dog suffering from dehydration and is exhibiting symptoms like diarrhea or vomiting. However, Gatorade can help your pup with these symptoms, but the sugar, artificial flavor, and color can put the dog in the worst circumstances. 

As time progressed, now there are many organic options available with Gatorade that are safe for your pup. But again, though it is organic, you still need to feed it in smaller quantities. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Gatorade for dogs- 

Pros of Gatorade

  • Gatorade can replace electrolytes in your dog’s body, which plain water cannot do. It can replace some of the dog’s sodium and potassium levels so that they can feel better.
  • As compared to plain water, this drink can help faster to rehydrate your canine.

Cons of Gatorade –

  • Gatorade contains tons of sugar, which is not at all safe for your buddy. Also, it does not have high nutritional value and is used as a preservative. 
  • The sports drink also contains artificial flavors and colors, which is also not healthy for your pup.

What Flavor Gatorade Can I Give My Dog?

Gatorade comes in many flavors and colors, but not everything is safe for your dogs. Also, too much added sugar and artificial colors can hurt your dog’s small digestive tract as the dog’s stomach cannot digest much carbs, sugar, and other ingredients. As a dog’s digestive system is quite complex, it cannot digest all the artificial flavors. Following are the two flavors that can hurt your small pup’s digestive system. 

  • Grape
  • Cool blue

You must ban these two flavors from your dog’s list as they are dangerous for your dog’s health. Grape in any form is not at all safe for your canine, while the cool blue flavor contains an artificial sweetener. However, you can serve yellow and orange flavors to your buddy.  

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How to Make Homemade Gatorade for Dogs?

Although Gatorade is not safe for your canine simultaneously, a small amount of it will not hurt your dog. Instead of giving packed Gatorade, which contains artificial sweeteners and flavors, you can make Gatorade at home using ingredients readily available to you and do not have any preservatives. Follow the below recipe to make Gatorade at home for your buddy-

Ingredients you need-

  • One qt. of water
  • Half teaspoon of baking soda
  • Half teaspoon of salt
  • One and a half tablespoon of sugar
  • Half banana
  • A couple of frozen blueberries

Take everything in a blender and blend properly. You need to remember not to feed the whole of it to your buddy. Serve a smaller quantity and wait for at least 20 minutes to see how your puppy’s stomach will react to it. If your dog displays vomit or diarrhea, stop giving it to him; if your dog is having significant issues, contact the vet. 


Powerade or Gatorade is not healthy for dogs, but at the same time, it is not poisonous for your canine. Powerade for dogs is safe only when given in moderate quantity. At the same time, Gatorade is quite helpful for a dog’s dehydration. The only thing you require to remember is that to feed both the sports drink in moderate quantity only, or else your dog can display vomiting, diarrhea, or other digestive issues. If you observe all these symptoms in your dog, you must book an appointment with the vet. 

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