Black Howler Monkey (Black Howler Monkey Facts)

black howler monkey | black howler monkey facts

Howler monkeys are among the largest species of the new world monkey known for their loud howls. Their howl can travel five-kilometer through the dense rain forest. These monkeys are endemic to the jungles of South and Central America. Let us understand these black howler monkeys thoroughly.

What does a black howler monkey look like?

The black howler monkey displays a significant neck and lower jaw with substantial vocal cords. These are one of the few primate species with different color coats in males and females. The males have black coloration while the females are blonde. Furthermore, newborn babies also have sandy-colored fur. The additional feature in these monkeys is their acquisitive tail that acts as their fifth limb supporting them to grip and hang from tree branches. 

Where is the black howler monkey found?

The natural home of these monkeys covers the central region of South America, including eastern Bolivia, Southern Brazil, Paraguay, and Northern Argentina. The black howler monkey habitat includes tropical semi-deciduous forest and tropical deciduous forests such as savannah. Because their diet mainly consists of leaves, they prefer to live in areas with various plant species. 

How many species of a black howler monkey are there?

Fifteen species of a black howler monkey are recognized, which were previously classified in the Cebidae family and now are described under the Atelidae family.

What is the size of the black howler monkey?

Black howler monkeys are the most abundant species in the American forest. Males are larger than females—the male measures 24 to 26 inches long, where their tail adds another 24 to 26 inches. Females are shorter than males and actions 20 inches. Males generally weigh 32.5 pounds, whereas females weigh around 16 pounds. 

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What does a black howler monkey eat?

These monkeys are leaves-eating creatures and mainly feed on leaves. However, the black howler monkey diet also consists of fruits, buds, and flowers. Like another monkey, black howler monkeys do not have the sacculated stomach. But rather a simple acid stomach with two enlarge sections in the cecum and colon in which fermentative bacteria are found. 

Black howler monkey reproduction:

Black howler monkeys are polygynandrous, which means both males and females breed with multiple mates. There is no specific breeding season between these monkeys; instead, it occurs all year around. The gestation period lasts for 180 to 194 days delivering single offspring. The newborn infant is tiny and weighs only 3.5 pounds. During the first month, the infant will cling to the belly of its mother. After some time, the infant begins to ride on its mother’s back. Until the baby gets one year old, the mother cares for the baby. 

Black Howler Monkey Facts:

  • Black howler monkeys emit their characteristics howling calls through the unique and huge voice box.
  • All the mothers in the group care for each other’s infant; this caring includes carrying, grooming, and protecting infants.
  • These primates spend around 70 percent of each day resting while leaves enzyme in their large caecum.
  • Howler monkeys are also known for uttering the loudest call of the primate species in the world they do by a particular egg-shaped hyoid bone.
  • These monkeys have an excellent sense of smell that they can smell food far from 2 km. 
  • Jaguar, puma, harpy eagles, and giant snakes are some of the animal that eats black howler monkey
  • A play-station game is also based on the name of these monkeys known as the assassin’s creed black flag red howler monkey. 
  • In that game, the assassin’s creed black flag red howler monkey location can be found only on the Isla Providencia (502, 44). They can be seen once you are on the island through a map.

Black howler monkey behavior:

Black howler monkeys are diurnal and social animals. They generally live in groups composed of 1 to 3 mature males and 2 to 4 mature females with their young ones. Males of this species are known to live in bachelor herds. Each group only defends and protect the territory in which they reside. These monkeys rub themselves on branches to make their territory. When two troops of black howler monkey meet, the males expend much energy in howling, leaping, running, and fighting, which lessens the time that could be spent eating or resting. These monkeys howl to inform the other groups where they are, eliminating the energy needed to defend territories and fight with other troops. 

How long do black howler monkeys live?

In the wild, black howler monkeys can live up to 15 to 20 years, whereas in captivity, they can survive more than 20 years.

Are black howler monkeys endangered?

Under the IUCN, these species are classified as least concern, but their population is decreasing. Their hunting threatens the black howler monkey for meat and coat. Additionally, these primates are threatened by habitat loss of their natural homes as a result of human agricultural development. 

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