Bengal Tiger vs Siberian Tiger (Siberian Tiger Information)

Bengal and Siberian tiger are the most significant members of the cat family. These two subspecies of tiger are endemic to Asia. Bengal and Siberian tigers are solitary animals and dominant predators in their habitats. Despite tremendous conservation efforts, the number of Bengal and Siberian tigers in the wild is promptly decreasing. They are on a target of poachers because of their fur and body parts which are very popular and commonly used in traditional Asian medicines. In areas near human settlements, people often kill tigers to prevent attacks on humans and livestock. Bengal and Siberian tigers share many standard features, but some of the elements can easily differentiate them.

Siberian vs Bengal Tiger:

Siberian tiger and Bengal tiger both are the subspecies of Panthera Tigris. Besides, both of these cats are among the beautiful animals of nature. They are also amongst the most potent and daunting creatures. So it is quite complicated to decide on who will win this fight of the two big cats- A Siberian tiger or Bengal tiger.

There are several numbers of differences between these two subspecies. So let us have a look at these two animals interesting facts and significant differences. It may then be only to finally conclude who will win the battle of Bengal tiger vs Siberian tiger.

Distribution and Habitat-

Bengal tiger, known as royal Bengal tiger can be found in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal, Vietnam, and China. It lives in areas with temperate to the tropical climate in wet mangrove or deciduous forests and grasslands.

Siberian tiger also called Amur tiger, inhabits areas with a much colder climate. It can be found in coniferous and birch forests in the northern parts of China, Korea, and East Russia.

Conservation Status-

Bengal tiger is the most diverse subspecies of the tiger. According to reports, there are around 1,850 Bengal tigers left in the wild. While the remaining population of the Siberian tiger is much smaller and does not exceed more than 500 individuals in the wild.

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Is Bengal Tiger Bigger Than Siberian Tiger?

If we look at length as a reference point, the largest tiger is the Siberian. In the past Siberian tigers were also the heaviest. However, due to the food shortage due to poaching, some specimens may weigh less than the Bengal tiger.

The Siberian tiger measures between 1.9 and 2.3 m in length. Excluding its tail which is 1 m long. It weighs between 180 and 300 kilograms.

The Bengal tiger measures between 1.5 and 1.8 in length. Excluding the tail which is between 0.5 and 1 m in height. The weight of this feline is around 110 and 225 kilograms.

Is there any Difference Between Bengal Tiger and Siberian Tiger’s Diet?

In the diet between these two species, there are more similarities than differences. Both the species are carnivorous animals and consume practically any animal they are capable of knocking down.

The Bengal tiger hunts peacock, buffaloes, monkeys, wild boars, and antelopes, and many others. The Siberian tiger also feeds on a carnivorous diet including wild boar, deer, lynx, and even bear-sized animals.

Both the animals kill their prey with a bite. If it is a small, medium, or large animal, it knocks it down with a claw and then closes its powerful jaws over its prey’s neck until it is suffocated.

Difference between Bengal and Siberian tiger’s skin color:

Enduring the differences between these two animals, the color of their skin is a particular feature between them. Both are very similar. The Bengal tiger is reddish-orange with black or grey and white stripes at the bottom.

The Siberian tiger is reddish-brown, a little paler than its Bengal relative. It also has the characteristics of dark or black stripes that run vertically along its sides and shoulders which form rings on the tail. The volume of coat in the case of the Siberian tiger is higher in Bengal to protect them from the cold.

Siberian tigers occupy the territory of 2500 to 4000 square miles, and it can cover the area of 40 miles to find food during the night. However, Bengal tiger occupies smaller territory; it lives on a region of 77 square miles during the summer and 42 square miles during the winter.

Who is More Powerful Bengal Tiger or Siberian Tiger?

Both of these cats possess similar features as well as behavioral patterns. There is a possibility that a Siberian tiger will win the battle because of its large size and weight. Being a giant animal, the Siberian tiger can dominate the Bengal tiger.

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