Bald Uakari Monkey (Bald Head Monkey)

bald head monkey

Bald Headed Uakari Information

The bald Uakari is a South American ape that is known for their unusual appearance. The animal exhibits a bright red, wide and flat face with an extremely short tail. The redheaded monkeys are believed to develop such a unique color pattern due to malaria. These monkeys move swiftly in the trees by using their arms and legs.

The disease is known to be very common in its habitat. The Uakari monkeys who have a bright red face are known to be healthy, while those who have a pale colored face have incurred malaria. They usually lack natural immunity to these diseases. The animals who get sick are typically left without mates.

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Where Do Bald Uakari live? (Bald Uakari Habitat)

The bald uakari habitat is spread-out through the Amazon rainforest of Western Brazil, Eastern Peru, and Southern Colombia. Bald Uakari generally occurs along small rivers and lakes. Though, some of the forests are constantly flooded.

More About Bald Uakari:

The species have a long, shaggy coat that ranges from white to red color with their bald head. Bald Uakari weighs between 6.1 to 7.6 pounds, whereas the male reaches 18 inches from head to body length and female ranges 17.3 inches. As these species belong to new world monkey, their tail reaches about 5.9 inches, which is only about half the length of their body and head combined.

Facts About Bald Uakari:

  • Bald headed Uakari are highly social animals and live in a group called troop or tribe that can have 10 to 30 individuals. 
  • Although they are also seen in larger groups of up to 100 members. 
  • When these animals, forage they get divided into smaller groups of 1 to 10 individuals. 
  • These animals are diurnal; they sleep at night in thin tree branches.
  • When bald Uakaris walk and run on the ground and in trees, they use all of their four legs. While hoping and jumping, they use their two legs.
  • Bald Uakari communicates and marks their territory through loud screaming calls. Otherwise, these are quiet animals. 
  • These monkeys are intelligent and active; they spend their lot of time in playing different games. 
  • Bald Uakaris have the shortest tail among all the species of American monkeys.
  • They are easily able to separate thick fruit skins with their well-developed fangs.
  • The sharp teeth and jaws allow the bald Uakaris to crack nuts, which other monkeys can’t do.
  • When the species get excited, they wag their short tail, and when they feel threatened, they usually erect their fur, utter clicking sounds and wag their tail.
  • They can also communicate using ten various facial expressions.
  • Though the face color of these primates is red, they can change it occasionally to express certain emotions.

What Do Bald Uakari Eat?

Bald Uakari monkey is herbivorous, so their diet mainly consists of unripe fruits, ripe fruits, leaves, nectar and insects such as a caterpillar. According to a study, the food of bald Uakari consists of 67% of seeds, 18% of fruits, 6% of flowers, and 5% of insects and buds.

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Red-Faced Uakari:

The mating behavior between these species is monogamy, which means that one male can mate with one female. The reproductive season takes place between October and May. After the gestation period of six months the female bald uakari delivers a single infant.

Baby bald uakari have the gray colored face, the newborn infant is very small and helpless. For the first few weeks the infant feeds upon maternal milk and is attached to its mother. When the baby Uakari is 3 to 5 months old it starts to eat soft fruits and is weaned afterwards. After the females reaches to three years old, they start to mate while males first start to mate after six years of age.

Are Bald Uakari Endangered?

According to the IUCN red list of threatened species, bald Uakaris are classified as vulnerable. Currently, the species are suffering from the destruction of their natural habitat. Another threat to them is that they are hunt for food and as bait. The population of Peru and Brazil, mostly gets affected. As bald headed Uakari resides in the riverine forests, they are easy to hunt as hunters can move through the forests by canoes.

Bald Uakari Lifespan:

The average lifespan of a bald Uakari monkey in the wild is between 15 to 30 years. While in captivity they have been known to live over 30 years.

Do Monkeys Go Bald?

Zoologist have studied that monkeys became bald in the same way as humans do. All stubs-tailed monkeys lose their hair both the males and the females. Both the genders of the species of monkeys have more hormone receptors at the top of their head. Some monkeys are born hairless, while some others lose their hair following certain reasons.

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