Australian Shepherds Information (Miniature Australian Shepherd)

australian shepherds information

Australian Shepherd, also known as ‘Aussie’ is a medium-sized athletic working dog. Although named Australian but the breed has originated in the United States. The dog breed is extremely agile, intelligent, loyal, and hard-working. Though called a herding dog, the Aussie has a unique talent for doing all types of athletic activities. The dog makes a great companion with high-energy owners. Here, in this article, we will discuss all the facts and information about the Australian Shepherd Dog Breed. 

History of the Australian Shepherd:

The Australian Shepherd was originally bred in the United States. The Basque people from the Pyrenees of northern Spain and southwestern France came to America in the mid of the 19th century to herd sheep and bring dogs with them. Their name ‘Australian Shepherd’ may have reflected those who have come to the US. However, these dogs are not registered in Australia as their native breed. 

The American ranchers raised and bred the dogs as livestock herders and farmworkers. The Aussie enthusiasts and breeders have worked hard to keep the breed real. The Aussies were first recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1991. Miniature Australian Shepherd was bred, and the species was accepted as Miniature Australian Shepherd in 2012. 

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How Big Do Australian Shepherds Get?

The Australian shepherd size in height ranges between 18 to 23 inches, and they weigh between 40 to 65 pounds. These dogs have medium to long coats that vary in color from blue merle, red merle, black or red, or all colors may have white markings or tan points.

Australian Shepherd Care:

The Aussies have thick coats that can belong to medium length. Routine grooming is necessary for these breeds to keep them healthy and comfortable because they shed year-round. If you wonder, do Australian shepherd shed? The answer is yes; these dogs also shed their winter coats in spring. For healthy and shiny coats, proper brushing is needed once or twice a week to avoid tangling and matting. The Aussies’ coats are weather-resistant, so they do not require frequent bathing. 

Besides keeping their hairs well-groomed, it would help if you also kept their ears clean to prevent any ear infections. Also, trim their nails regularly to keep your pet comfortable and their feet healthy. 

Sufficient and regular exercise is necessary for Aussie as they are a high-energy dog breed. If they don’t get sufficient exercise, they can get frustrated and bored. Exercise will help to maintain the dog’s mental and physical health. When talking to the dog for a walk, do not forget to hold a leash because the dog may chase small animals, bicycles, and passers-by.

Australian Shepherd Temperament

Talking about the Australian Shepherd temperament, overall, the breed is affectionate and attached to its owner. The Aussies are very alert to the sights and sounds around them. They try their best to protect their territory if any stranger tries to enter. Although the dog breed is social, they need to socialize with strangers or exhibit shyness. Australian Shepherd makes a beautiful companion with families. They can get comfortable with all the family members and can well-adapt to all kinds of household activities. 

Australian Shepherd Behavior:

Australian Shepherd is an affectionate and friendly breed. The breed dog is pet and kid-friendly. 

Aussies can tolerate both cold and hot weather very well. But they don’t adapt well to apartment living as the breed needs space for exercising throughout the day. Considering their health problem, one breeding concern is that dogs who inherit merle genes are prone to be born deaf and blind. If you are buying an American Shepherd puppy, it is helpful to find a good breeder who can show you clearance for both of your pup’s parents. Health clearance will prove whether the dog has been tested for and cleared for a particular condition. When buying an American Shepherd pup, you will need to find specific conditions such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cancer, and deafness. 

The American shepherds should be fed two meals a day, including 1.25 cups of dry dog food per meal. However, the dosage depends on the size, age, and weight of the breed. 

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Australian Shepherd Pros and Cons:

Following are some of the breed’s pros and cons that will clear your mind on whether you should buy the species or not? also, how challenging it can be to pet an Aussie-


  • The Australian Shepherd is an affectionate and loyal breed that is always ready to please its owner.
  • The species is highly energetic and so needs a lot of exercise and space.


  • Their highly energetic behavior can become a barrier through their training program.
  • The breed is prone to anxiety and depression when left for a longer time without any companion.
  • As they are attached to their owner, it is natural to become over-protective, leading to aggression towards strangers. 

Australian Shepherd Facts:

  • As an Australian shepherd begins to age, their coats become darker.
  • Because of their bobbed tail, they have been known as ‘wiggle-butt.’ As they wag their tail, their whole back end goes from side to side.
  • The Australian shepherds like to herd whenever they can, so running with your Aussie is expected to be herded.
  • The average number of puppies an Australian shepherd has is seven litters, but it can go up to six to nine puppies. 
  • The Australian shepherds are in the top 10 working dogs list in Animal’s planet. 


Australian Shepherd is a cute and adorable breed that is loyal and affectionate towards its owner. The breed goes well with all the family members, including kids and adults. There are certain factors you need to learn about the breed before you think of having the dog as a pet. Those mentioned above are some of the common factors which we have discussed with the Aussies. 

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