Ape vs Monkey (Difference Between Ape and Monkey)

ape vs monkey

Ape Information

Apes are human’s closest relatives, or we can say all people are, in fact, apes. Human beings share 98 percent of their DNA with the chimpanzee. Apes are not monkeys. They belong to different members of the simian infra-order. Apes and monkeys have several distinct physical features.

Apes are generally larger than monkeys, and they do not have a tail-like other monkeys. The noses of apes are short and broad while monkeys have snout-like noses. Apes are quite intelligent than monkeys and can learn different languages and use various tools. The bodies of humans and apes are so much alike that several diseases can be transmitted from humans to the gorilla and vice-versa.

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Facts about apes:

The species is highly social and live in groups known as a tribe or shrewdness. All types of apes are social and live in groups. Such as- Gibbons live in small groups of two to six individuals, Siamangs are so close to each other that they do not roam more than 10 m apart. Gorillas live in the smaller family, including 30 members. Chimpanzees are the most social animals and live in a group of 15 to 120 individuals.

Apes are diurnal; during the daytime, they eat, play, and protect each other while at night they rest in nests made up of branches on the ground. Gibbons are monogamous, which is very rare in the animal domain. According to a study, only 3 percent of animals practice monogamy.

The reproduction in apes is much similar to humans. Females gave birth after the incubation of 8 to 9 months and generally delivers on or two babies at a time. They nurse their young ones for many years, and their babies take much longer time to mature. Even, some of them develop entirely into an adult between the ages of 12 to 18 years.

Are ape’s Endangered?

Under the IUCN, red list of threatened species, many ape species are classified as endangered. For instance, western gorilla had listed as critically endangered. The chimpanzees and gibbons are also classified as endangered.

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Monkey Information

Monkeys live all over the world and come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. They are also known as one of our closest relatives. These species of mammals are brilliant. There are more than 260 different types of monkeys that had divided into two categories.

Most monkeys live in trees, but some also live in savannah or mountainous regions. They do not stay in one location for a longer time; their tribe moves to find food. Monkeys even live in groups known as tribe, troops, or missions. The troop play, eat, and protect each other and also works and take care of the young ones together. When a tribe of monkeys yells, they can be heard for up to 3 miles.

Monkey Facts:

According to NASA, the first living creature in space was a rhesus monkey named Albert I. His launch took place on 11 June 1948, in white sands, Mexico. Monkeys express affection by grooming each other.

The gestation period in monkeys varies depending on the genus. Such as- the gestation period in rhesus monkey is 164 days, while in the baboon, it is around 187 days, and in chimpanzees, it is approximately 237 days. Once, the baby monkey is born, the mother primarily cares about it. The young one will ride on its mother’s back or hang her from the neck. The babies become adults between four to five years old.

Types of Apes and Monkeys:

The super-family of apes had divided into two branches-

  • The lesser apes
  • The great apes

The lesser ape includes sixteen species of gibbon, and all are native to Asia. The great apes include orangutans, gorillas, and chimpanzees. 

Types of apes-

  1. Gibbon-
  2. Orangutans 
  3. Gorillas
  4. Chimpanzees 

Types of Monkeys:

  1. Spider monkey
  2. Squirrel monkey
  3. Vervet monkey
  4. Proboscis monkey
  5. Pygmy marmoset monkey
  6. Rhesus monkey
  7. Howler monkey
  8. Snow monkey
  9. Blue monkey
  10. Mandrill monkey
  11. Baboon monkey
  12. Capuchin monkey

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Ape vs Monkey:

Apes and monkeys are both intelligent and social animals. Both of them share their DNA with humans; they are also able to understand language and use different tools. In a fight between both, the result cannot be assumed as both had equal abilities and intelligence. However, apes like gorilla can be more durable than any other monkey species.