Alligator vs Komodo Dragon (Where Do Komodo Dragons Live)

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Alligator vs. Komodo dragon, both are different creatures that come from different families. An alligator is a type of reptile that belongs to the Crocodilia family, while the Komodo dragon is a kind of lizard species. You may often have seen a fight between lizards and reptiles; their battle is surprising to witness. Although, the excitement gets better when the lizards and reptiles different species come together to fight. Before comparing the Komodo dragon vs. Alligator fight, let us discuss their feathers. 

What Does an Alligator Look Like?

For some people, crocodiles and alligators are similar animals, but they are different from each other. Alligators have rounded snout, and there lower teeth are not visible when they open their mouth. They possess thick scales, have a long and healthy tail, sturdy limbs with webbed feet. 

Their eyes and nose are situated on the top of the head. Adult alligators have black or dark olive-brown with a white underside.

Where Does an Alligator Live?

Both the species of the alligators are endemic to the United States and China. The American alligator can be seen in Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, and the southeast United States. At the same time, the Chinese alligator can be seen only in the Yangtze River Valley.

How Many Species of Alligators are There?

There are two species of alligators- the American and the Chinese alligator. 

What is the Size of an Alligator?

The American alligator reaches 13.1 feet long and weighs around 790 pounds. But sometimes they even can enter the length of 14 feet and weigh 990 pounds. However, the Chinese alligator is smaller than the American and weigh around 100 pounds and reaches a length of 7 feet.

What Does an Alligator Eat?

Alligators are ambush predators and hunt on everything they catch. Young alligators feed on insects, fish, and worms. In comparison, the adult alligator feed on turtles, large fish, muskrat, deer, and birds.

Alligator’s Reproduction:

The mating season in alligators is in late spring. In summer, the female builds a nest where the decomposed vegetation provides the heat needed to incubate the eggs. The gender of offspring is driven by the nest’s temperature and fixed within seven to 21 days of the incubation’s start. The incubation temperature of 30 degrees C or lower produces a clutch of females while the temperature of 34 degrees C or more produces males. The newly born alligators are protected, cared, by the mother, and stays with her for a year. 

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Facts About Alligator:

  • Chinese alligators have 72 to 76 teeth, while the American alligator has 74 to 80 teeth.
  • Alligators have powerful jaw muscles that help them to bite and grab the prey.
  • The eyes of the adult alligators glow red and glow green in small alligators when thrown the light.
  • They are nocturnal alligators, which means they are active at night.
  • The American alligator is the state reptile of Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi.
  • The American alligator is the largest reptile in the Western Hemisphere.

How Long Do Alligators Live?

The average lifespan of an alligator is around 50 years in the wild.

Are Alligators Endangered?

Under the IUCN, the Chinese alligator is classified as endangered while the American alligator is determined as the least concern.

What Does a Komodo Dragon Look Like?

The Komodo dragon, also known as the Komodo monitor, is the largest species of lizard. They are grey, brown, or reddish and have robust bodies covered in rough scales. They have stiff limbs with a powerful tail. 

The heads of the Komodo dragon have rounded snout and ear openings. They have flexible skulls and sharp teeth used to cut and tear the flesh of the prey. Komodo dragon has clumsy, back and forth walk, and the yellow tongues flick in and out always. 

Where Do Komodo Dragons Live?

Komodo dragons are endemic to only five islands in southeast Indonesia. They usually prefer to live in the tropical savanna forests in the open lowland area with grasses and bushes.

What is The Size of the Komodo Dragon? (Komodo dragon vs. Alligator Size)

The male Komodo dragon weighs from 174 to 201 pounds while the females weigh from 150 to 161 pounds. However, the average size of a male Komodo dragon is 8.5 feet, whereas the female is 7.5 feet long. The most massive Komodo dragon recorded was 10.3 feet long and weigh 366 pounds.

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What Does the Komodo Dragon Eat?

Komodo dragons are ambush hunters and feed on water buffalo,, horses, deer, goats, and pigs. However, they can also eat other reptile species, birds, eggs, monkeys, and small mammals. 

How Fast Can a Komodo Dragon Run?

Komodo dragon runs at a speed of up to 12.4 miles per hour. However, they are also excellent swimmers from one island to another and can dive to the depth of 15 feet.

Komodo Dragon Reproduction:

Male Komodo dragons fight with each other for mating rights. They wrestle in an upright position and try to through the loser on the ground. The breeding takes place between May and August, and the eggs have laid in September. The females make many holes or nest to hide the egg from the predators. The clutch consists of 20 eggs, which incubated in 7 to 8 months. The young Komodo dragons spend their few months on trees to hide from potential predators. 

Facts About Komodo Dragon:

  • They are solitary creatures and only together to mate.
  • These dragons spend the day roaming their home ranges, which can be as large as 0.7 square miles. 
  • The Komodo dragon uses its tongue to observe, taste, and smell stimuli. 
  • They have known to consume 5.5 pounds of meat in meat.
  • Their teeth look like shark teeth and have been compared to those of an extinct toothed cat.
  • Komodo dragons had skilled hunters; they grab the prey in their strong jaws. They have a large number of bacteria in their saliva that helps kill the victim as it enters the blood through bite wounds. 

How Long Does the Komodo Dragon Live?

In the wild, the average lifespan of the Komodo dragon is about 30 years.

Are Komodo Dragon Endangered?

The Komodo dragon is classified as Vulnerable according to the IUCN red list. 

Komodo Dragon vs Alligator Fight:

A fight between alligator vs. Komodo dragon would be exciting to watch. However, it is quite challenging to conclude the winner as both are fiery predators and had known to bring down their victim to death. Both will use their equal strength and power to fight with each other. However, we cannot forget that Komodo dragons, known to hunt humans, so it would be possible that alligators may not be able to win. 

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