African Lion vs Grizzly Bear (Facts about African Lion)

african lion vs grizzly bear

African Lion and grizzly bear, both are massive creatures with a sturdy body and powerful features. However, both belong to different families, geographic location, and habits. The common factor between them is they both are aggressive and are known to hunt their prey to death. Many people have an impact that lions are more dangerous than bears, but both animals are known to attack humans. Here in this article, we will compare and see who would win in a fight a grizzly bear or a lion.

What Does an African Lion Look Like?

The African lion is a big cat with short, brown colored fur and white underparts. Their long tail ends with a black tuft. The male African lion can be recognized with distinctive manes, ranging in color from black to blonde. The hairs make the lion look much more significant and helps them to frighten their opponents. However, the young lions have a grayish coat, covered with brown markings, which gets disappeared by the age of 3 months. However, lions in eastern Africa tend to retain these spots on their stomach.

Where Does the African Lion Live? 

Currently, African lions are distributed across the sub-Saharan region of Africa. They prefer to live in the savannah grasslands with scattered Acacia trees where they can hide from the sun. 

What is the Size of an African Lion?

The average length of an African lion is 55 to 98 inches and weighs between 264 to 548 pounds. 

What Does an African Lion Eat?

Lions are predatory animals and hunt on zebras, antelopes, gazelles, deer, buffalo, warthog, a young elephant, wildebeest, and young giraffes. However, these animals also consume the flesh of dead animals.

How Fast Can an African Lion Run?

Lions can run at a top speed of 35 miles per hour.

African lion Reproduction:

Male lions can mate with several females, lions breed throughout the year, but the peak period occurs in the rainy season. The gestation period is from 110 to 119 days delivering 3 to 6 cubs on average. The female gives birth in a hidden and solitary nursery. However, all females in the pride feed and care for the young when mother female leaves the pride to hunt. 

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Facts About African Lion:

  • While resting, these animals display highly social behavior. They play together, sleep in groups, and rub against each other’s heads.
  • Without their fur, lions and tigers look alike. It is hard to differentiate from each other as their body structure is almost identical.
  • The male lion is the only species with a mane and gives the majestic animal appearance and brings about the title “King of the Beasts.”
  • Lions are the second-largest living species of feline after tigers.
  • Females in the pride are responsible for hunting while the males are responsible for protecting the territory.
  • The mane of a lion becomes dark during the animal’s life, which is an indicator of his age. 
  • The heels of the lions do not touch the ground because of the structure of their legs.

How long Does African Lion Live?

The average lifespan of an African lion is between 12 to 25 years.

Are African Lion Endangered?

Under the IUCN, the African lion is classified as vulnerable. However, their population is decreasing because they have hunted for their skins to make trophies. Also, they have threatened by humans who are destroying their natural habitat. 

What Does a Grizzly Bear Look Like?

The grizzly bear is a brown bear sub-species; they got their name from the silver-tipped hairs that it gets as they grow older. These silver-tipped hairs to give them a silvery appearance. Adults have massive, slowly built concave skulls that have more significant to the body. They differ in color from blonde to black; their fur is typically brown with darker legs and commonly white or blonde tipped hair on the flank and back. These bears have a large hump over the shoulder and have large claws which they use to dig. 

Where Does Grizzly Bear Live?

Grizzly bears have seen in Western Canada and Alaska, where they can be found in several northwestern United States. However, the preferred habitat of these bears is dense forest, meadows, plains, arctic tundra, and coastlines.

What is the Size of a Grizzly Bear?

The average length of a grizzly bear is 6.5 feet with an average shoulder height of 3.35 feet, and the hind foot length is 11 inches. However, the large coastal male bear may stand up to 9.8 feet tall on its hind legs and 4.9 feet at the shoulder. The female weighs from 290 to 400 pounds while the adults weigh from 400 to 700 pounds.

What Does the Grizzly Bear Eat?

Grizzly bears are omnivorous, and their diet changes with the  availability of the food. However, the most common food they eat is some plants, fruits, berries, grasses, and forbs. The bears also hunt and prey on rodents, ground squirrels, moose, elk, reindeer, mule deer, bison, and musk ox.

How Fast Can a Grizzly Bear Run?

Grizzly bears can reach a speed of 35 miles per hour. 

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Grizzly Bear‘s Reproduction:

The mating season between these bears is from May to July, with a gestation period of 180 to 250 days. The female delivers from January to March; the litter size is between one and four cubs. The newborn cubs are blind, hairless, and helpless. They can open their eyes after six weeks, and by the spring, they can also have their teeth. The cubs gain weight rapidly; in two years, they can weigh between 10 to 99 pounds. 

Facts About the Grizzly Bear:

  • The grizzly bear is the smallest subspecies of brown bear.
  • Their front claws measure 2 to 4 inches in length.
  • Grizzly bears communicate through sound, movement, and smell. They can use different vocalizations such as grunts, growls, and moans.
  • They have an excellent sense of hearing and smell but poor eyesight. They can smell the food from 3 miles away.
  • The grizzly bear hibernates for 5 to 7 months each year. They sleep throughout the year.

How Long Does a Grizzly Bear Live?

The average lifespan of a male grizzly bear is 22 years, while the females can survive for 26 years. However, the oldest known wild grizzly bear lived for 34 years in Alaska; some grizzly bears have lived in captivity as long as 44 years. 

Are Grizzly Bears Endangered?

Under the IUCN, the grizzly bear has considered as endangered. There are around 15,000 grizzly bears in Canada, 30,000 individuals reside in Alaska, and only 1,500 are left in the United States. 

Grizzly Bear vs Lion: Who Would Win?

A grizzly bear would win in a fight between a grizzly bear and an African lion because it is much taller and more durable than a lion. Also, they have bigger paws that can swipe the lion. Although polar bears had known as more potent and dangerous animals than all other bears in the world. 

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