Tasmanian devil facts | Tasmanian devil

What is a Tasmanian devil?

February 29, 2020 admin 0

The world’s largest surviving pouched mammal was first found in the early European settlement. When the early European settlers heard the mysterious, supernatural scream, coughs, […]

hippo vs rhino

Hippo vs Rhino. Who Would Win?

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Rhino (Also Known as Rhinoceroses) Rhinos (Rhinoceroses) are large herbivorous mammals who are identified b their distinct horned snout. The word rhinoceros comes from the […]

angler fish | endangered fish

About Angler Fish:

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The angry-looking angler fish is possibly an unattractive creature on the planet that lives at the bottom of the sea. Fish With Lure On Head: […]

where do orangutans live | orangutans

Where Do Orangutans Live?

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Orangutans are the largest arboreal mammals which spend their time mostly on trees. They are the species of great ape, scientifically known as Pongo. Orangutans […]

penguins | Are penguins birds | Are penguins mammals

Where Do Penguins Live?

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Penguins are aquatic, flightless birds; the body is designed in such a way that allows them to move quickly in water. The penguin body is […]

sea turtle | endangered turtles

What is a Sea Turtle?

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The Sea turtle is a giant reptile of the suborder Cryptodira; these are sometimes called marine turtles. Sea turtles come in different sizes, shapes, and […]

Asian unicorn | Saola

Saola (Rarest Animal In The World):

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During the survey of 1992, Saola was identified by the Vietnam Ministry of WWF (world wildlife fund). The scientific name for Saola is Pseudoeyx Nghetinhensis. The discovery […]